28 years old and still purring

This 1979 Model Friedrich and his brother on the other end of the home both still running with 19 and 20 degrees Delta T. Good old units even if I do still carry a scar on my hand from a condenser fan blade on one of these.


Unless you’re very frugal with the setting on the T’stat, what’s it cost to operate that system, compared to today’s 13+seer units.

I never really cared for those bottom draw-thru units or the older York horseshoe styled condenser coils. Tough to clean and keep clean.

It’s amazing how proper and regular maintenance will reward the owner with long term, reliable operation.

Saw some very similar to those with “GE” on them and still running, 25 yr’s old, about 2/3 of them in the condo hood had been replaced.

Bruce I have found more old GE’s still running than I have any other brand name especially the square type with the brush comb condenser fins have had several at 30+ and still going.

I recently talked with one of the Bryant dealers in my area that had just removed an old Bryant that was 40 years old and they were sending it back to the factory as they wanted to analyze the unit and re-furbish it as a museum piece for their PR