Furnace / AC age

can anyone tell me what the ages would be based on these pics.
No manufacturers plates on either unit.

of course, they’re both being labeled as deferred cost items and to be evaluated.

i’d just like to know if anyone recognizes them?




Model and seriel #'s off the dataplates? :-k

there were no plates with this info…on either unit.

just looking to see if anyone recognizes these units by cosmetics alone.

That furnace (by design) apprears to be at least 20 years old–

and by condition–it’s cooked.


Stick a fork in it.

10-4, over and out.

Hasta la vista, baby…

The indoor unit seems very much like an Armstrong, to my eye. The handle in the cover is identical to Armstrong. The condensing unit appears to be of an older vintage, and from an OEM that I do not recognize. I’d bet on early 80’s for that outdoor unit.

This is an old whirlpool split system from the looks of it, its about 17 years old or maybe more. I would mark this in need of replacement for sure put in something of the 13 seers or more.

Whirlpool, need I say more??
The rust alone indicates throwing out the trash and starting over.

Good Luck with your Client

This system was built by Heil in 70’s and labeled through Whirlpool brand. Low efficiency in 8 seer range when new. In present condition SEER is probably 5 or less

I am a licensed HVAC contractor in Texas since 1977. Installed several of these with Heil nameplate.

Parts are OEM, but coil & drain pan parts are NOT available. A new 13 SEER system would pay for itself with operation costs in 3-5 years.

Ralph Ramsey