Buderus age?

Need help with DOM
S/N 08188055-01-0000-00914


If you have the model Number you may find it here Peter other than that i cant find it

Do you look for an ansi date? For me, I add about two years to the ansi date and call it close enough (you can also look for a number in the serial number that is close to the ansi date to narrow it down).

Before 1980 there is only an ansi number - no date. I recently did a goodgle search on an ansi number and got 1975.

PS The ansi specs change every 2 - 3 (?) years, so it will get you pretty close.

Thanks guys, I’ll look for the model # when I go back. Water was shut off and no oil.
This after the bank, yes it’s a repo, told my client it was ready for inspection.