Buderus Date of Manufacture?

Could anyone help me out with finding the date of manufacture on a Buderus Boiler? Building Intelligence Center indicates it that it is coded in the 11th through the 14 digits of the serial number and that it uses the “Julian” date
I just can’t seem to get my head around it.

Thanks in advance.

Just guessing I would say March 2000 was there a ANSI date

March 21, 2000


Hows about March 21st 2000 @ 10:29 AM

Actually, I believe it to be PM as they were running a 24 hr. shift that month do to excessive illnesses from influenza that was sweeping the country that year.

Actually I believe it was AM because the paint on the unit dries faster in the AM and does not run than it does in the PM

I disagree! Everyone knows that paint DOES NOT dry faster on cool metallic surfaces due to overnight lows creating surface condensation. Later in the day, the dew point is no longer a factor allowing the warmer unit to virtually dry within seconds of being sprayed.

You have brown eyes from being full of S H I T


I came across a Buderus gas boiler Cat. 1. Serial# is 3820-760-027…-10 more numbers.

the manufacture date is Dec. 2017, coded in the 760 group. The code is proprietary! The company would not send me the decoding chart! Call the company if you need to know the actual date or go from the ANSI #. In my example, ANSI was 2014.

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2017 makes sense. The manufacture date is usually within a few years of the ANSI date.