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Hard to tell but it looks like they built the outside wall forms first and haven’t started building the inside wall forms yet.
Maybe I’m missing something in the photo’s.

I did note the lack of vertical reinforcement coming out of the footing to tie into the foundation wall.

I notice the same thing Kevin.

I haven’t used this form system since the early 70’s.

The old snap tie and waler form panels.
It was the procedure with this type of panel to erect one side at a time.
The other side of the form panels had to be guided through the snap ties.
The form panels consisted of HDO 3/4" thick, and these are due for an upgrade.

Maybe they plan on adding re-bar before they put up the other side.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Give the man a cigar.

Hi Bob, here’s some new pictures of my project, today is Wednesday and we have almost all the rafters in but I did not get a picture.

Does anyone know why the walls of this garage are so tall? almost 12 feet from grade.

Something to to with the way you plan on building your stairs?

I also see the sole plate is tripled. Just wondering why?

Ceiling height for your existing breezeway door into the house and to match the top of wall for the garage and headroom height for the stairs as stated.

Going to park the short car under the stairs, then?:wink:

Cheremie, where do you see the triple sill plate? I can’t see it.

I think Larry is on the right track here and now they need to install high lift tracks.

I would have increase the garage door height to eight feet to better proportionally adjust the height of the struture, but that is just my opinion.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

…and to be able to get my truck and tractor in there. :smiley: :smiley:

You guys are all correct.
1st. in the second picture it shows the opening for the stair case into the “bonus room” above the garage, this is why the walls are so tall. I wanted the stairs located in the breezeway for comfort and had to make sure there was clearance for the vehicles in the garage.

Larry you are also correct in that the existing doorway elevation had to be considered.

As far as the triple plates go on bottom, wow that’s a good eye Cheremie, this was done because the foundation studs where more than 1 1/2 inches above the foundation, so instead of messing around with locating the holes for the bottom plate we added an extra plate so we could stand the walls up once and only once, if you know what I mean!

And last but not least the garage doors are 9x8 for the extra head room for a pickup truck.

I have to tell you, you guys are right on the money!!!

So after all we have seen tonight I just got off the phone with my client and the want to change the second floor elevation.

First thing tomorrow I have to take out all the rafters and install a 4 foot knee wall to raise the back wall.

After all the rain delays we finally started to make progress and now this!!

I’ll post tomorrow with pictures…

Just checked in for a few minutes then got to get started on my new constuction report,buy wow you are moving along.
Same at the house as those guys are tearing right thru the framing,meaning I need to catch up on my posting tommorow.Is that the same site you posted with the breeze way?
Think I better start taking my Flinstones.


Cheremie, where do you see the triple sill plate? I can’t see it.

2nd photo. 1 treated **sill **plate. 2 **sole **plates stacked on top of the **sill **plate = 3 plates :wink:

Cheremie, you must have an eagle eye because I still can’t see it.

Must be the quality of the picture on my end or you have one good zoom eye. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Marcel, it’s there but I had to enlarge it to see it.

Michael, how do you enlarge the picture? Is that something extra you have on your computer, or can I do that also?

Thanks for any help.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I right click on the photo and copy it. I then open photo software like irfan View and then paste it in. After that you can enlarge and enhance as needed.

Thanks Mike;

I have infran view and did not know how to do it.