Build a House (ao-at)

Well when I last left off we had the forms in place ready for the big pour.
Now that the forms have been removed the more interesting stuff begins.
Will try something different by discussing before any caption then will add them and repost based on suggestions.
What is sticking through the top of the foundation ? What about spacing? What is the diameter?

Why are they not protruding through the entire wall?

Why is there a black substance on the foundation wall?

Remember the basement egress,can anything be said about height restriction?How about size?Should there be a drain at the bottom of the well on new construction.?
If there is a drain will it lead to the sub pump or else where?

Hi. Bob;

Are you waiting for someone to answer these questions, or are these questions you need answered? Just curious.

Like to see more pictures. It would seem that it would provide some interest to some.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel…I am thinking members can help provide captions by discussing what is seen in the photos.That has always been the intent,which is to inspire thought about various components and how they interact with the rest of a home.
In the end it would be so cool to tie all the information gleaned from different members into one giant learning tool.
One line of thought might be to publish this on line in the form of a WIKI whereas it could be the coolest free resource for construction on the planet.
So to answer your question.No I have no real need other than partisipation which you have been great at providing.Thanks

Bob this is a great idea, and anthing I can do to help, just let me know.
I think this to be an Educational way of learning for all who are interested.

I see Building on a Daily basis, but not everyone does.
Hope this helps some people whether Inspectors or the General Public.

Thanks for your contribution to educate.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I will continue but may try putting every thing in PDF so that it all ties together as a good read.
SEEING the title BUILD a HOUSE over and over looks tedius.

Bob and Marcel, I agree with you but to keep it interesting you have to post on a regular basis. I do this with my construction companies site, I have a work in progress section that shows all phases of the project.

I do this as a marketing tool, my clients love it because friends and family that are out of the area can see what their doing, my out of state clients can manege or see whats going on with their projects and my future clients can see when we are finishing one job and will be able to start theirs.

I’ve been doing this for 2 years and it’s allot of work but worth it as it set me aside of my competition.