building paper

Two questions:

Shouldn’t the building paper go over the flashing?
What kind of siding is this?

appears to be
scroll tabs for install guide

That is it Barry.

Thanks Marcel

I thought was it but wanted to make sure. Im Juan though. Not Barry…

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Hope that helped anyways.


So it should have have the joint flashing installed right? I’ve never inspected a house with hardiplank.

Yes. Download the Installation Instructions for further help if needed.


Here’s a link to that Juan.


Flashing the Butt Joints of Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie Siding Installation (Installing HardiPlank)

Most I’ve seen in my area is Not installed according to manufacturers instructions.

Thanks Chris, reminds me of the exact same thing we used to do when installing asbestos siding. 15# felt strips at all the vertical joints. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. There was a lot of basic problems with this siding. No but joint flashing, bottom panels in contact with concrete, improper wrb behind the siding. Also, this was the same house from my “grouting needed” thread. I’m getting ready to tell my clients that the fiber cement cladding and stone veneer were installed improperly and will be probe to moisture issues and debonding. It’s a new construction so I’m nervous this might become a battle with the builder. Any advice?

Why should you be nervous, all you have to do is present the facts.

Pictures of what you saw and the Manufactures instructions on the installation should top it off. :slight_smile:

Being new construction you might be able to get a field rep from James Hardie Corporation, if that’s the manufacturer, which is a very good chance it is.

Here’s a link to a similar thread posted this summer.

Thanks Chris

I am going to schedule a field rep to come out

No problem. Let me/us know how that goes.

I will. I went back today to take some more photos.

include the installation instructions with your report

Hmm too late but that would have been a good idea.

It looks like the joint flashing is more of an aesthetic recommendation thus the manuf. comment. “Joint flashing behind field butt joints is required for ColorPlus and recommended for primed products.”

Imagine seeing White or black WRB at every butt joint of a bright green siding. On the other hand…if you paint over everything then the WRB will get painted with it. Thus it is only recommended for primed product.

Waterproofing must lap over every waterproofing underneath. So that flashing at the bottom is a no no. It is called gravity folks… =)

Good catch on your part on that one.

It’s not aesthetic and it will void the warranty if not installed