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Thanks Kevin!

If I can post this without seeming to be self-serving, I would also direct you to the online issues of our quarterly newsletter, “Think Thermally,” at <>. MANY of the past articles will be of interest to InterNACHI members who are using IR or who are considering jumping into the technology.

If you’d like to receive a copy of this either on line or in the mail, you can sign up for that at our website as well at <>.

I hope you enjoy reading current and past issues and find them of value.

Thermally yours,

John Snell
ASNT NDT Level III #48166
Snell Infrared

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Nice, thanks John - I just signed up. :slight_smile:

John, good post, I subscribe and find the Snell group has a lot to offer, especially to us in the northeast.

Thanks Kevin…Great Info