Energy Retrofits for Houses, Affordable Comfort for Canadians

Those of us in the US who have been involved with building efficiency work over the past two decades appreciate the role that Affordable Comfort( ACI) has played in getting us to this important point in history, both from a technical point of view as well as from a policy stand. We are excited that ACI will be providing a venue for Canadians to meet and share October 28-29 in Toronto (fee is $375).

In looking over the agenda it is very clear that this is not about the US just exporting our thoughts north! Canada has a long, long history of leading the way toward energy efficiency in buildings and the lineup of over 40 presentations clearly demonstrates that fact. The breadth and depth of presentations is mind boggling, including the Director of Snell Infrared Canada, Greg McIntosh, speaking about how thermography is being used for efficiency work. Greg, of course, has been deeply involved with thermography and buildings since the mid-1970s! He is, in fact, now serving on an ISO committee to re-write the international building standards.

This is a conference not to be missed regardless of which side of the border you live on! For details, see: file:///private/var/folders/CZ/CZEJn11QEjuQB0CvNon-eXdI3Qk/TemporaryItems/22935268+%203.html

Thermally Yours,

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The Snell Group