Building with no Glazed openings

Ok —here is a first in 6 years doing wind mits----doing a condo association with 6 buildings. Agent is asking for wind mit on all 6. One of the buildings has no glazed openings, one story garage type building with (6ea.) non-glazed overhead garage doors and (6ea) non-glazed swing doors. (NOTE-This building has an actual address) I have filled out the chart properly now the Question--------Do I… not check off any boxes in A through N and just note that there are no Glazed openings and let the underwriter do his/her thing ? Or what say you ?

N.3 fits that scenario, assuming the non-glazed openings you described are checked as “X” in the chart.


Well the form does not really specify for NO glazed openings… but I would just select N/A for all the glazed options, appropriate selections for non glazed entry and garage door… most likely will be A subsection A.3. And our course make a note somewhere that there are no windows.

Edit: is anyone living in this building? sounds like a storage building or something… in that case I doubt the wind mit will be needed or used

I agree with Kevin…A1, A2 or A3 (depending on the rating of the non-glazed openings) with a good, clearly visible explanation.

What I don’t want to do is mark N or N.3 becuase its and automatic turn down for that category. So the question is since it has no glazed openings will the building get credit ? (as if it had approved shutters) do you see where I am coming from ? Hey John… chime in here if you care to !

The OHGD and the solid swing doors are marked X on the chart

**OK DAH … I see it A.1 “or no Non Glazed openings exist” THANKS KEVIN !

…but they do exist, right? Am I understanding your original post incorrectly?

I think Kevin is correct. This is not a dwelling and therefore would not qualify for an 1802 submittal. You can check with your client to verify.

Fred we did about a dozen last month. Just garages, no glazing at all. They also did not have any other doors besides the vehicle. We marked No glazed at all, no non-glazed doors, and marked D for the garages. Mark A2 or A3 and make a note, NO non-glazed, let the underwriter/agent figure it out.

I hope that helps

Thanks John—had to mark A.3 OHGD not ASTM E 330/TAS202 and swing doors not impact protected and made note of No Glazed openings

Thanks everybody for your comments !