condo wind mit

Customer called me and said the condo association has a wind mit on file but the opening protection section was left blank.
Has anyone done any condo Wind Mits? I would assume they are done the same as a SFH? Has anyone had any problems with the association allowing access to the structural components?

Your thoughts would be appreciated

I do them all the time. I usually go on the roof and walk the property including the garage.

either the condo didnt meet the requirements, or the previous inspector didnt want the liability

Did quite a few for Citizens about two years ago with Gerry Beaumont, back then citizens required a different form.

I just reviewed the form that the association had on file, it was a commercial wind mit form revision date of 2005. They left the section for opening protection blank.
I guess he will just have to pony up for a new report.

Here is the form

thanks John, this is only a Two story condo with 10 units. That was the form (prior revision) that was used. He never filled out Certification of wind speed either. and I dont think the previous form had the terrain exposure category.
Since this is only two stories, would this form be appropriate? or would the 1802 suffice?

I think that you should be fine with the 1802. I use 1802s on bigger buildings when it is for individual units. I only use the MIT form when doing the commercial(HOA).

1802 only for two stories

The Contractor I work with and refer to have performed a number of these inspections. He never leaves any question unanswered or blank.
As you will note – the form gives no method to report “Unknown or undetermined”. Several aspects may occur such as limited access to identifying markings of the windows, removed labeling from shutters, damaged or deteriorated shutter or impact resistant devises, lack of documentation etc….
He writes it in: Unable to verify – Undetermined, – adjacent to the topic line