Garage door credit?

So I am still in the learning process, and thank you to everyone that has helped me out, I really do appreciate it. I am still trying to get a grasp on the wind mit. So I was curious, my house was built in 2005. Does my garage door fall under any type of wind credit/protection rating. Or would should this door be marked as. And if a garage door did have any type of glazing, how would you mark that door since I have read glazed garage doors can be hurricane rated.



It appears to only be a wind tested door.

Common sense does not come into play.

Not tested or not able to prove tested screws the client.

Anytime you check appears to be but cannot be proven NO DISCOUNT is given :frowning:

It seems Citizens is the worst in regards to this.

Just my opinion but I feel a wind rated door with no glazing WOULD pass impact tests just my opinion and that does not mean squat to anyone especially the scumbags LOOKING for ANY reason to charge clients more :frowning:

This appears to be your door:

Wind rated only.

That would be non-glazed garage door with a D rating in the matrix table. It would not count toward any credit by itself unless the rest of the home has protected windows and glazed doors (verified). Opening protection is probably the toughest part of the 1802…most get it wrong, unless of course there is none…

Steven if it is a glazed garage door I would strongly make the client provide the exact NOA with the numbers after the period as one NOA can have 15 sub NOA’s as most of them are not impact rated. Most manufacturers make the impact inserts but make it an additional cost to add them into the door. Due to the small amount of glazing in these doors, most fall under the % rule and only need to be design pressure rated. The NOA will tell you if it is impact or not. Your solid door is a design pressure rated only door and not impact.

Bradley is correct on the opening protection.
It is tough and like most people I only give it if I can prove it.
Documentation is everything and some people get a little sideways when you tell them they have only wind rated products. Sales people will often mislead people about the rating. Calling it storm rated or hurricane rated. It’s confusing enough to us so imagine what a homeowner feels like. If the garage door is impact rated and no other openings are I still mark it or they might have a fit.

All you can do is answer the questions as accurately as possible.

Collect paynet upon arrival before you begin to avoid much hassle and anger :slight_smile:

Best thing I ever implemented :slight_smile:

I no longer have mental stress and can communicate openly without fear of being screwed.

Once it is in my pocket I am good to go.

Non glazed door doesn’t require impact outside of hvhz.

Ask citizens about that I am not sure they give discounts for Question #7 without A and A1 marked. It seems that anything less does not get a discount on question 7 from them???

Not sure just what I think :frowning: