Built in gutters

Help me out here. I’m don’t know much about these types of gutter systems. Just don’t see them. Are these built in gutters in use anymore? A new roof was recently installed where the shingles overhang the edge of the roof. How’s the water get in the gutters?

Can’t help you on the gutters but it is probably to catch the water that runs under the shingles from that quality job on the eyebrow window. :roll: :shock: :roll:



Thanks for the links Jeff, I did see the first links before I posted. Some of those links show gutters even though they are “hidden”.

The shingles on this home overhang the roof edge with no sign of a seam or space where the water can flow into. In the links you can see see some signs of the gutter system, be it slight but I cannot see any with the home I inspected.

They appear to be the old time box gutters. They have pretty much fallen out of use but can be reconditioned and remain in service if done properly.