Bulldog PushMatic Service Panel

All opinions about PushMatic service panels and other defects in the panel aside, am I seeing this correctly? Panel is rated for 100 amps max, with a 50 amp main disconnect installed. Also the size of the entrance cable appears no larger than 50 or 60 amp rated, I couldn’t locate any labels on the insulation and I completely spaced on putting a caliper on it for an estimate. My question, is this then only 50 amp service?

With the info you supplied, probably, Ralph… :smile:

Remember the service disconnect amperage size is the lesser of the:

  1. SEC
  2. Main breaker
  3. panel board rating

Bulldog pushmatic breakers are very old. The breakers have an internal grease lubricant, and can become difficult to operate, if not used and maintained regularly. Pushmatic breakers have an indicator flag meant to show whether the circuit is on or off. This flag would sometime stay stuck in position, giving a false indication of the circuit condition. The flag fails inside the breaker, making it difficult to know its condition. This can allow for shock/electrocution, even when working on a circuit you believe to be turned off.


Thanks Larry, was just a little surprised to see that set up so I wanted to make sure I was looking at it correctly.

This looks like a split bus panel.

See, I wondered that but couldn’t tell for certain. What do you see that suggests that?

It doesn’t matter if what you say about the size of the SEC being 50/60 amp, eh?