Pushmatic and service size help

this Pushmatic has two 100 amp breakers labeled “main disconnect”
they are the top breakers in each of the two columns.

notice the way the 120 volt legs strap back and forth from the columns.
am i to assume this is actually a 200 amp service.

panel did not have a rating
entrance conductors were rated for 200 amp…CL200 meter.

100_3242 (Small).jpg

100_3239 (Small).jpg

That’s a 200 amp Pushmatic panel, and you might note the working space violation.

And the transformer laying in the bottom of the panel. Next? There’s more.

Whats wrong with that its worked great for over thirty years , Thats what the agent will say .
… Cookie

Ya, I know. They have all kinds of excuses don’t they?:wink:

Actually I see some Pushmatic’s and have no concerns with those I have inspected but none have been over 100 amp and the room was OK.
You could still buy new breakers for them in Canada the last time I looked .
Very expensive but they where available.About $27.00 for a 15 amp I think
… Cookie

Roy, I don’t consider push-matics a problem.

I assume Marc is referring to the ceiling grid “L” track on the wall.
Is that really the ceiling line???

yes, ceiling line.
bedroom in basement…drop ceiling left about a 6" space for egress…or lack thereof.


DAMN, I just looked again and I see the ceiling tile in the second pic!

I might guess that the top most breakers are also above the 6’ 7" limit.