I did it!

It is official. Realtors do not like me.:mrgreen:

I got this email confirming it:

hey, do you know that you have a reputation in jefferson city of being the “deal killer”? Thats what everyone in the real estate business refers to you as

No wonder the last few years, the only time a Realtor refers me is to family or friends. The sad part is my reports are not near as tough as I see posted on this message board, just most of my supposed competition are poorly educated and spends most of the little time they are at the inspection kissing Realtor butt.

I was talking to another local inspector and he was talking how he was taking away business from another uncertified inspector. He told me the Realtors told him, that this inspector was losing business because he said said the wrong things (talked too much). This inspector he was talking about does one hour carbon copy checklist inspections. I am starting to wonder how soft this inspector, I was talking with, is. I thought I would never see the day when there was a softer inspector than the inspector that is losing business right now.

Hey, has any inspector tried advertising that states “Realtors call me the deal killer”? I need help with the slogan. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also my business has been up a good 25% this last year. I get raving reviews from my clients. I seldom get a complaint, and if I do it is something usually very minor that is not in our SOP. I stopped being under the Realtor’s thumb years ago. Been a lot happier since then.

I smell a new logo comin:p

Haven’t marketed to real estate agents since my first year in business. Rely strictly on my website and referrals from previous clients for work. I am busy constantly and the clients love my over the top inspection reports. Have a few real estate agents that strictly use me because of how in depth I go into the inspection because they know the clients will be very happy when they get the report. I don’t even bother talking to agents during the inspection most of the time except to say hello and introduce myself. They get a business card only if they ask for it.


Consider buying a hearse for an inspection vehicle. That would be better than any slogan you can come up with.

Braun Inspection Consultants
We will put your deal to rest

Realtor verified Deal Killer

Certified Full Time Professional Deal Killer.

May your commission rest in peace… one deal at a time.

This thread cracks me up…:wink:


Same her. I think Jimmie’s up a little too late and is making up this BS to be part of the crowd. I mean come on now Jimmie, doesn’t you girlfriend refer you to all of her realtor friends. Put the bottle down and get some sleep.

That is how we met, I was the inspector she referred. I am about the only inspector in my area that calls it like I see it. I do not call out minor issues because the properties around her have been inspected so many times by the Realtor owned inspectors that there is plenty of major issues to call out. Her Realtor friends have already tried to put me out of business a few times. Maybe some day you will stop kissing Realtors’ butt, Linas, and follow my model.:stuck_out_tongue: Your market is bigger than mine, so the customer base wanting a thorough inspection should be larger.

I like that.

Nick, can I have that in a logo?

The funny part is the Realtors have done such a great job of not referring me, that buyers are hiring me for that very reason.
I tell the buyers when you tell your Realtor who you are going to use as an inspector, just watch the scared look on their face. I have actually had a buyer, who would not tell his Realtor who the inspector is. The buyer got a pretty good laugh when I walked up and the Realtor started to hyperventilate.

no need for a logo…
this would make a great inspection vehicle and says it all… :slight_smile: