I am so sick of BAD Realtors slandering my name for being a thorough Inspector and doing my job. (25 years inspecting and 8 years with building dept.)
I am ready to start an inspectors slander group where we all pay a small $20 a month fee and send out letters from a lawyer to BAD Realtors who slander good experienced inspectors name, and take further action if needed.
Any groups like this now exist that you guys know of ? or any thoughts? (please inspectors only)

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Your best option before any legal action is if you have a Facebook, write a post explaining what these realtors are saying about you, tag them in the post, and makeb sure everyone sees the dishonesty in what they are saying and doing. Make sure you post it on all the local dealt estate mortgage companies facebook pages too. That’s one option. Facebook is a powerful tool.

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Jeff, consider the source. Most realtors only care about the sale. If the house falls down after the close they don’t really care. Brush it off and move on.

Sure Jacob that’s an option, but I would not want the last “image” of me to be that type of stuff. People can have short memories & that may be the last thing from me they saw/remembered.

Jeff! I hear ya. An atty’s letter is good but I don’t think it would have much force/leverage outside of the state they are licensed to practice in.
BUT one time a false, revenge kind of complaint was made through the BBB.
I did pay an atty (who was in a different state) to send out a letter & it was successful. The complaint was withdrawn.
Good luck. :cowboy_hat_face:

The letter went something like this:
Whatever prompted you to make this ill-advised, vindictive and fallacious defamatory posting on the BBB website, if it is not immediately withdrawn with prejudice, it will also prove to have been a spectacularly foolish and expensive indulgence on your part.

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Use it to your advantage.

If you have some in writing, put it on your website.

And even if you don’t have it in writing put on your website something like: There are realtors that bad mouth me and are telling clients and other agents that I do TOO good of a job inspecting houses.

I am proud to offer MY clients a very thorough inspection.

What, as a potential client, would you like from your inspector?



If you go the facebook route, becareful. Very careful. There is a good chance it will look like a school yard name calling spat.

The lawyer thing is a good idea. The funds can be sent to an attorney in the area of a complaint (someone was concerned about the validity of an OOS lawyer).

Just my opinion.

Absolutely, me too. I personally would never do that but I just threw it out there as an option.

I agree with Larry on this one… and many others.
Use it to your advantage.

Use it to make lemon aid. Like Larry said!