Bundled Neutral on main lug

Came across this today and not sure how to comment. These neutral bundles can be traced back to the neutral bus bar at the panel outside where the first means of disconnect is located. As this is a current carrying conductor the bundle should be a concern, correct?

I’ll let a sparky answer your question. If I encounter something I do not know I refer it to the expert. When is doubt, there is no doubt.

IMO Texas Standards cross the line of a licensed electrician. When an inspector takes it to that level they certify the work of the installer and take on the liability. I know of very few inspectors who could survive deposition from an lawyer coached by a licensed electrician.

“Back to performance based inspections”

Thank you John, That is exactly what I did as I referred it on to the electrician. My earlier post may have been more for my benefit than anyone else.