Bus bars

Came across this is a home today. The left bus bar looks fine. The right bar appears to be tarnished. Any thoughts.


The right one looks like a normal copper bus. The left one looks like it could be a nickel plated copper bus, but Iv’e never seen both in one panel.

Jim King

It could be as simple as the left buss had more oil film from manufacturing left on it, protecting it from the dampness more. I do note the bit of rust forming on the keyhole slot in the panel’s backpan, which is what causes me to think it might be a bit damp inside the panel. Just a guess. Hard to say really.

As an electrician, if I was faced with a panel who’s busses had a great color disparity like that, I might unclip all the breakers off that right hand buss just to make sure no bad breaker clip was heating up. Because of the fact that I would do this as an electrician as a matter of prudence, if I was a HI, I’d at document it as an item to be reviewed by another.

Is that GFI brkr double-tapped? One white, one black…(not counting the pigtail)

Doug, you have the white from the circuit going to the breaker and the white from the breaker “pig tail” going to the bus.


Looks like it, but it is not.


Interesting observation on the keyhole. I missed that. This box was in the garage, so moisuter really should not be an issue here.

I agree with Marc no big deal.
One buss could be two seconds longer in the silver plating vat .
They do not want to use to much silver.
Roy Cooke

Thanks guys - I always enjoy the answers and discussion here - and I learn a thing or two or three.