I’d like to get some feed back on the wiring in this panel. Done by an electrician.

Except for the cables that are not properly secured I don’t see much to comment on.

Actually, I was hoping to get some comments on the wires passing behind the bus bars. Looks odd to me

Do i see a double tap on the lower right hand side fuse second from bottom?

And whats with the two red wires going behind the block?

Still it looks cleaner than most panels from the 60’s.

Is that romex wires going through BX connectors?? Its hard to see. Rick

I see double-taps. Some insurance companies here no longer insure a home with glass fuses.

Thanks for the responses guys. I wrote up the double tapping and unsecured wires. I was hoping that a sparky could tell me if the red wires behind the bus bars is legal. My thoughts are that it is not and I wrote it up as non-standard installation and would like some verification of that. I’ve never seen a configuration like that. There were other electrical issues in the house as well and of course recommended that a qualified licensed electrician evaluate and repair the entire system as required.

I’m not sure why the wiring behind the bus would be any different from wiring in front of the same bus area. I think either is OK for a HI point of view.

conductors should not run across the bus front or back. Its not a safe practice.

Not to argue, but just playing “devil’s advocate”, why is is unsafe, how much clearance would there have to be to make it “safe”, and is it a code or manufacturer’s requirement?