Box Tapped from main in Sub

Saw something new to me today. I have my theories but wanted to throw this out there before my thoughts. The box(?) to the left is connected through the double taps from the main.

The lugs are only for one conductor.

What was the box on the left?

Looks like the typical handyman surge protector install

I was thinking some type of surge protector, but can’t say I have ever seen one like this. Home had a ton of DIY electrical.

In other words… NO, it is not correct and should be called out!!

I am an electrician, and that is what they used to do. However, these days it is not accepted and I would recommended you suggest they consult an electrician to get it remedied.

Not to mention, that one is old and probably not even functional. They have many different ones now, and that panel is old. Also, top left corner does not have a connector/bushing so that wire is considered unsafe as it is not protected by the KO hole. Bus bars look worn as well.

Word it is a you may, but those are some items I could see from a glance :slight_smile:

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Josh, thank you for the comments.

Could you help me learn how to tell that the “bus bars look worn”?

I didn’t enlarge the picture, if that is what you did.

Thank you.

Essentially on older panels, FPE, Challenger and Sylvania you’ll the seem worn. They are usually seen with discoloration and or corrosion as moisture worked its way in. Any discoloration could be the reason a homeowner may have issues with specific circuits because that spot is worn under the breaker.

Also, abnormal heat from a breaker causes these hot spots and can break the bus bar down. Usually the breaker is the first to go as the spring inside gives and breaker has to be replaced and then over time the bus bar becomes worn in those areas from excessive heat which I am sure you have observed on Inspections.

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Thank you, Josh. And, yes, I have seen that on inspections. :+1:

I just couldn’t see it on this pic…old eyes are better than none. :joy:

Thank you everyone! I appreciate the input!
Like I said, this home was an overall diy electrical mess. Sometimes we have to wonder how some of these places have made it this long with the issues we see.

I write it up every time I see it, like yesterday LOL :rofl:

and last month :exploding_head:

See a few things wrong there! My gosh, some people put too much faith in themselves or in others who just do not care.