Business/ Equipment For Sale

I have had another opportunity present itself and I unfortunately won’t have the time to continue my inspection business. Instead of just selling off my equipment and letting my company go, I first wanted to see if I could find either an inspector just starting out or one that is making the move to go out on his own.

My company Dream Big Home Inspections LLC is based out of Parker Colorado, but we have done inspections from Colorado Springs to Brighton and out to Boulder. So really anyone in the Denver area could take over. I will include all my equipment, the main items are: Home Gauge software with 2 companion licenses and my templates, Insight Vision sewer camera, Flir E6 IR camera, RadElec radon testing equipment, Ideal Sure Test, DJI drone and many other tools and meters, really everything needed to hit the ground running.

On the business side of it, I will pass along my logo/brand, website, ( ), all our social media plus I have things I made for presenting at real estate offices. Not to mention all the footwork over the last 2 years meeting people. I will help with the transition of introducing the new owner/inspector. I would really like to see it go to another CPI with construction experience. We have branded ourselves as rural inspectors so if you are interested in properties with land that is a big plus.
I would consider selling my truck with the company as it is wrapped. We would have to work out the phone number. I could contact the company that did the wrap to see what it would take just to change that as I would like to keep my phone number. I would pass along any inspections calls that came in to the new owner of course. It’s a 2011 Tacoma.

If you are interested please contact me and we can discuss price, company income and any other details.

Thank you.


You will want to get clearance from HomeGauge before you “sell” someone your license. You don’t own the software, you own a license to use it. Software licenses are typically non-transferrable, though I know that HG has made exceptions in the past, but that doesn’t obligate them to do so in your case. Otherwise, your buyer may not be able to use what you sold them.

Good luck with the sale.