Butchered 60 Amp Service to dissect.

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Thought some of you would enjoy dissecting this butchered 60 Amp Electrical Service I ran into on Friday. Ya know, find what’s wrong with it!

Outside overhead

Overall board view

Center box view one

Center box view two

Lower left box

Lower right box view one

Lower right box view two

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Look Ma, no hands and without looking.

Should be 100 amp minimum.

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The outside overhead pic has a strange looking white box wired into the SE....Never seen this before. What the he!! is it? NO masthead?

This service appears to be 100 amp now but is using the original 60 amp panel. It definitely needs an upgrade to 150/200 amps with breakers. And at the same time install the meter outside.

I see double taps all over the top of those fuse boxes. The SE fuse box and the stove fuse box. And for the subs that are doubled tapped into these, they are now uninteruptable and are major red flags. I'm surprised that there's no melted insulation on those wires.![](upload://aknpuDfhccrZKRyjQTQQ4l0sais.gif)

The panel is also overfused. Too many 30's.

I've seen similar panels twice before. How they get those taps inserted into those boxes is beyond me. They had to of disconnected the meter. Hey, they got power to where they needed it right?

That wire that is tapped in to the stove fusebox (on right) that exits on the top left, where is that wire running to?

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I see the panel depicted in the above pics…everyday! Nuthin new nuthin old icon_lol.gif I especially love them fuse panels with 30 amp time delay fuses protecting 14 gauge wire What is amazing is how a panel in such condition continues to power up the house without any fires!! Kind of really difficult to convince the home owner that it is a accident waiting to happen when it has been in place…for over 40 years…and never…gave him a lick of trouble.

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