Buy an infrared camera for $20 down and have no payments until April, 2010.

whats with the call for pricing? is it a different price for each person calling?

Sounds good.

Save for your camera like I’m doing. I highly doubt terms are desirable. $20 down great how much for the camera and how much interest. Most finance companies like this will wipe your bank account with finance charges. If the rates are good then go for it.

The major camera manufacturers do not allow anyone to publish
prices that are lower than what they suggest for full retail.

Therefore the only way can tell someone
the low prices they offer is to have them call. They cannot publish
them on their website or they would be in violation of their
contract. There is nothing dishonest going on.

I suspect that you are right (I don’t know). On the other hand,
since the prices are the lowest anywhere, then the ‘no payment
for 6 mths’ helps some get a good deal regardless, who might
not be able to get one by others means.

In 6 mths, the IR camera should pay for itself with no cash
outlay at all. Very nice IMHO.