Buy an infrared camera for $20 down and have no payments until April, 2010.

Wow… very nice.

with the discounted price John M gave me last month? (havn’t been able to buy it yet)

I’ll get it for you. InspectorOutlet was formed to get InterNACHI deals that they would not be able to get individually.

Now only if that deal could come a little further north.:wink:

I only see two models of Fluke listed. Can InspectorOutlet also sell the FLIR lineup?


You have not lost your discount just because you did not buy
an IR camera at the time you took our IR class. Our students
qualify for the lowest prices in the USA.

Contact and get this financing deal. It is
a no brainer. $20 down and no payments until April is
unheard of when buying an IR camera.

Thanks to Nick for such a ground breaking move to make it
easier for inspectors to get their first IR camera with such
easy terms. I have not seen this anywhere. only deals with FLUKE at this time.

I bet I can show you how the FLUKE cameras have
something to match the FLIR at a lower price. Contact
me. (I do not sell cameras).

You can get a better camera with higher resolution for a better price with FLUKE than you can with FLIR. That’s not to say FLIR doesn’t make a great camera, they do, they just don’t offer the best value. InspectorOutlet doesn’t sell the really cheap Extech cameras nor the super high-end cameras. The two models InspectorOutlet offers are perfect for home inspectors.

BTW, any member who takes advantage of this offer can send me a bill for the $20. I’ll reimburse them for the $20.

So basically, someone can buy an IR camera for NO MONEY DOWN,
and NO PAYMENTS until April, 2010. and… at the lowest prices

InterNACHI has taken this to a new level of benefits that has never
been heard of. This is insane, trust me, this is insane.

You are going to see some of the other salesmen explode when
they read this… LOL…:mrgreen:

If you are looking to Finance a Thermal Imager, we can also add a Blower Door or Duct Blaster into this transaction as well, and still keep the down Payment at $20 down to eliminate out of pocket expense.

Stephen Carnes
First Pacific Funding

Which bd/db are you selling?

Hi Brad,
I do not sell any products, I work with all of the Major Manufacturers, handling the financing side of there operation, basically you find the Equipment that suits you and I get you approved and put together an affordable payment plan for you, being an InterNachi Member, we have additional payment programs available for you.

Give me a call when you find the equipment you need and I can work on getting you approved.

Stephen Carnes
First Pacific Funding

Hi, Nick.
Can Canadian members get this benefit too? How?


Wanxing, No.

Hi Nick,
This program is not available to Canadian members, but we can still get you into an Affordable Payment Plan.

Stephen Carnes

Nick, Contact Dave Nice, Wisconsin NACHI. This deal will go over great for the IR cert course I will be doing with them in late January!

Hope this helps;

Hi, Stephen
Could you please explain the detail of “Affordable Payment Plan” to me by email?


Me as well.