buyer is electrician, had a question about this outlet

wants to know if this outlet is ok like this?

The box may or may not be properly supported, depending on the raceway type. It’s hard to tell from the photo. Two entries of rigid conduit threaded wrench tight is permitted as a box support. (Although I think that I see a set screw type EMT connector).

Depending on the code cycle under which this was installed it’s possible that the box cover is not the correct type. Under the 2008 NEC it is required to be weatherproof while in use type cover. Also the receptacle needs to listed WR or weather resistant.

I would suggest upgrading the cover. Does it have GFCI protection?

Flaps facing sideways and though not often called out is supposed to have a plastic shield for covering ,when a extension is plugged in.

In-service cover and GFCI if not already.

Hi, Im a new inspector.
I noticed several things about the outlet.
The box is not properly supported. You can’t support it with only the raceway’s.
I would suggest an In-Use cover
Make sure it is GFCI protected.
Is that a PVC or EMT raceway going into the ground? If EMT it will rust.

Why would an electrician have to ask about an outlet? Shouldn’t he know?

He’s possibly coming from a different area and doesn’t know what Tucson, AZ allows…

Thank you all for your info and help…


What was the deal with the blue masonite wall. Looks to be masonite in direct contact with the ground. Also the wall appears to be inset on the slab and appears to rely on a caulk joint as flashing. Was the slab height higher behind it? Were there signs of water seepage?

Very common out here. The t111 just gets wet and falls apart. Nothing showed inside.