is this connector liquid tight?

Exterior EMT conduit on side of home from panel to patio hot tub disconnect. Cant tell visually if these connectors are liquid tight? Can anyone tell by the pic?

080501-01 002.jpg

080501-01 001.jpg

They are definately not liquid tight. Whether or not they are listed as raintight is doubtful, would have to take one apart to know for sure.

What is the issue?

I think Joe T has a post on here not too long ago about this, there is a water tight fitting made, but unlikly that a home owner and weekend electrican would use them.

Came here thinking they were using the flex product.

Search google for raintight emt fittings.

I did,… found some that looked similar but not identical…

Agreed,… I wasnt going to unscrew them to find an O-ring.
Obviously they are compression,… they should at least have a plastic sleave or O-ring but Im just guessing. Thanks anyways guys.

They were probably listed rain tight when they were installed, but most of the brands lost the rain tight listing a couple or so years ago. That’s when some mfg started making them with the plastic sleeve.

I don’t understand why it is such a concern if conduit gets water inside, the wiring is rated for wet locations. I only see it as an issue when the conduit is arranged so the water can run into a building or an enclosure.

Brian is right, anything outside is a wet location. Recently the NFPA has tried to promote the illusion that new products will keep these things “dry” but that has never really been true, at least not for very long. They all tend to collect water. The boxes and raceways should be arranged to drain.
I think this and the “in use” cover are all pretty silly.
In use covers make some sense for receptacles that have plugs in them all the time but a plug used for attended tools and for Xmas lights is just silly to have in use covers. Do you have a cover on the string of lights plugged into the forst string? Do you have a cover on the extension cord your tool is plugged into?
I would rather have a snap cover that actually keeps the bugs and dirt out of the receptacle than the wasp condo an in use cover becomes.


There is no real uniformity in the external identification of rain tight fittings. Each manufacturer can use his own marker so be aware you might not see what you are looking for and still have a compliant fitting. Also know this is a new product. Anything a few years old will not be using it and there is no requirement to retrofit existing installations.