Buyers Sue Because House Haunted

I was listening to a radio talk show this afternoon hosted by a Real Estate Agent and they were discussing a case in Italy right now where the buyers are suing the sellers for failing to disclose that the house was haunted and that an exorcism had been performed in the house to try and get rid of the spirits. They claim after moving in that a number of articles left behind by the sellers including some plates and cups would move and fly around on their own, a mysterious green slime began to form on the bathroom walls and a number of other unexplainable occurences. I am glad I didn’t inspect that house because I don’t think my E&O covers GHOSTS!:mrgreen:

Gotta add a ghost dislcaimer now. :roll:

Just thinking - how would you right up a ghost sighting (if one happened on an inspection). Who would you recomend for evaluation and repair?


International Ghost Hunters Society

List of Paranormal Investigators

People are serious about ghosts. I have had 2 inspections for ghosts with the infrared camera.

Ok, Henry, we need more details-Did ya find any? What did you charge?:slight_smile:

Unexplained paranormal activity was observed in one or more areas of the structure. Additional sightings and frequent alarm, panic, and/or fright may occur. Recommend qualified contractor evaluate and exorcise as needed. For additional information and contractors in your area please visit: or


I recall seeing a news story on ghost hunters. The (so-called) ghost hunters were utilizing an infrared camera and showed the TV cameras the ghost image in the background.

If you look closely you could see that it was a reflection of the camera holder.

What a bunch of idiots, with nothing to do in life.

I think these folks have been watching too much Ghost Hunterswhich is little more than the use of electrons to fill too much channel capacity IMHO.

Inspected this building…

Definately haunted.

Now a Chabad Lubbavitch Synagogue

More likely the power of suggestion is in operation here.

This was another building inspected a few years back that was Disclosed as Haunted.

Stone portion of the building (to the right) was constructed in 1720.

Building was used as a Hessian Hospital during the Battle of Brandywine in 1777.

The Client had an Exorcism performed by a Priest at the time of Inspection.

Interesting experience…


Another Disclosed as Haunted Inspection…


The first one i did for free just to see what i could find. The second one i charged my normal fee. No I did not find anything.

FREA will now offer a “Ghost Rider” for an additional $150/year :wink:

Ghost Rider is a good movie but its cheaper at wall mart. :D:D