Paranormal Inspections

I know it’s quite beyond the SOP, but is anyone offering paranormal inspection as auxiliary service for the month of October? a client wanted to know if any ghosts are present… looking to see what equipment others are using :slight_smile:

Yes! I inspect for that on all my inspections…:ghost::ghost:


And this October we’ve added one additional measure to our usual home inspection process: a Paranormal Inspection Report


Good way to lose everything you own. Do some research. Argument has been made in court, presence of paranormal activity has not been scientifically determined to either exist or not exist. Stigmatized property laws and real estate disclosure laws vary widely from state to state. I won’t get into how I know, but I am an very well informed and experienced on stigmatized property and real estate disclosures relating to stigmatized property.

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Ahh ghostbusters!

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You beat me to.Lol

Yes, many time considering; The paranormal word consists of two parts: para and normal. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us, considering science basin sink trap seals define as ‘normal’ and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is ‘para’. That would include brokers and buyers.:grinning:

Gimmicks will help your reputation.

Rob, that’s pretty good! :slight_smile:

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Infrared camera, EMF meter and tape recorder to start.
Good movie to learn this unique trade. Remember: You an’t afraid of no ghosts!

Same thing about God, but I believe.


Who you gonna call? :thinking:


I do not perform such inspections, but if I did - I suppose a chicken foot would be involved. And maybe tickling the high keys on a piano (they hate that).

Home inspection is visual only…so I guess if you see a ghost you can report it…but be sure to snap a picture…

Hypothetical scenario goes like this. Property gets inspected for paranormal activity, report as indicated earlier in this thread is issued. Buyer purchases the property. Said buyer lives there, something (could be completely non-related) triggers a mental issue in buyer. They go berserk, either living in the house or worse they commit an egregious act. Defense and prosecutor bring in all parties involved. Guess who is deeply involved - you the inspector that said, in writing, there was no paranormal activity. I can guarantee you, no T&C’s to the contrary will protect you from retaining an attorney to defend your position. Good luck getting E&O to kick in. Watch the legal bills roll in!


I have not thought about doing this…But I have thought about showing up in costume. Wearing a pair SunGlasses while carrying a White Cane…


Are you a vendor with a new toy to sell?

Nachi members will get discount but this month only!

An eerie feeling come over me. I became cold and got goosebumps as I searched the house. Opening the door to the master bedroom, I saw a rolled-up area rug on the floor with what looked like a body inside. There were blood stains on the floor around the rug, and the room was cold and dank. This was the room that the mother had died in.