Disclosure Include Ghost?

I had a person ask me if it is required by law to disclose
to the next buyer about the Ghost in the house? It
sometimes moves things around, but nothing major…:shock:

Believe it or not, some states require disclosure of any paranormal activity in the home.

Dont feel alone John. I had one customer hire me to check his home for ghosts with my infared camera. I did the job for free to see if i could find one.

And No I did not find any.

This is very true!!!

I have heard of this in some New England States.

From my understanding, the home has to have an official, documented case though. That is, someone has had to of had the home investigated by a third party investigator or the church.

I would love to see the disclaimer forms for those states that do require it!

Anyone out there from those states know where we can find the regulations on this?

Here is the first thing I found doing a search on this topic. It may or may not prove my above statement correct.



This always comes in handy for me at times like this: http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=4383&d=1151791900

The paranormal was recently discussed here:



I do believe in spooks…I do believe in spooks… I do, I do, I do believe in spooks …LOL:ack: Although, I once did an inspection in an old home in Niagara on the Lake, which was the central point in the war of 1812. I felt this cold chill run down the back of my neck and all the hairs on my body stood on end. OOOoooooo…then I ended up with the flu the next day.:wink:
Joking aside, it did feel like someone or something was in the home and Niagara on the Lake is said to be one of the most haunted places in Canada. In fact, they even give ghost tours in Fort George.



if you get a chance scroll down and go to pg 4 of this forum and see what Carla found on her inspection