C5 Thermal Camera

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Just finished the Infrared training but I think I will take additional training as well but are there any inspectors out there using the C5 thermal camera. I’m thinking of starting out with that just to do some practice with it on inspections and maybe once I’m comfortable and have some extra cash, I will buy the better EXT ones.

Just looking for feedback on anyone using the C5 on inspections.


Merry Christmas! Thank you guys.
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Jason Sagers #HI11576
Beverly Hills FL

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I’ve done one inspection with the c5, I just bought mine too. I found water leaking in the ceiling from the air handler in the attic before I ever went into the attack. I like it so far.

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Great work.
Be sure to measure the moisture density on the object with a good moisture meter to verify your findings.

Thanks for the feedback Gary and that’s great you found that.

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Merry Christmas everyone