Thermal Imaging Camera Recommendations

I’ve scoured the web and seen different thermal imaging cameras, but most of the terminology was over my head. I’m not a home inspector. I’m actually a Commissioning Agent for a consulting firm. We’re looking into purchasing a high quality TI camera for inspecting building envelopes as well as troubleshooting HVAC problems (mostly Duct and Hydronics). I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as far as where to start, who to ask, etc. I also expect for there to be some time spent on training. Can anyone direct me towards some good cameras or someone i could consult about what we should purchase and obtaining training on the camera? I just really need to get pointed in the right direction. While cost is a consideration, I’m willing to drop more dough on a camera if it substantially out-performs others. We will be inspecting large facilities and so we’ll need something with high quality images as well as a large capacity. We’ve put aside some funding for this, so we’re just looking for the best option (before the expenses offer diminishing returns, of course).

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I am sure you have been reading all of the posts about different cameras. I have worked some commissionings and would be glad to discuss some camera options with you. I have looked at them all.

OJ Utter
Level III itc Thermographer

Start with the training first, Level1 will give you an indication as to what camera you really require for your purposes.

ITC FLIRTraining is by far the best in the industry, and so are the Cameras.

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I’m with you David you take east of the Mississippi and I will go West we both know where the airports are located. Very Hard to beat Flir for training they have some of the highly regarded level 111’s there are in the industry my favorite is Bob Rogers took both my level one and two training with him