New product: FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System.

Great Deal Nick!!!

Have any of you tried it out yet? I’ve been researching the C-2 since it came out and wondering if it would work for home inspectors.

$100.00 discount is a good deal for an entry level thermal stand alone camera. I use my
FLIR one on every inspection and is also available in limited supply as it has been discontinued. The photos load onto the same photo library as the iPhone and upload to your report. It requires an iPhone 5 and has all the features of the C2.
The thermal temperature meter is worth the cost alone. Electric panels, heat and AC registers, hydronic heater temperature… It’s a no brainer.

Seeing as you find it necessary to ask this question, it is quite obvious you don’t have a clue about anything thermographic.

So the answer to your question (for you) would be; No!

Based upon the lack of camera capabilities, I would recommend you get at least a level II certification under your belt and about 2 1/2 years of experience before you attempt anything with this camera.

Yes, I tried it out when I was teaching at the FLIR convention in Nashville.

I looked around the convention hall and saw what appeared to me as an air duct leak up at the ceiling. The FLIR people told me, “no, that’s not a leak”. Then I picked up a T660… “Yep, that’s an air leak!”

If it wasn’t for MSX you wouldn’t have a clue what you’re looking at.

I specifically asked the FLIR people what that camera was for. Who do they expect to use it? I never saw so much hemming and hawing in my life!

They asked me why I was asking so many questions about a C-2 when what I actually needed was a $29,000 T660!

Also, during my clinic I got a question about equestrian applications with the C-2 from someone I knew was not a professional thermographer but had horses and a new C-2.

I went through the process of explaining the pros and cons and concerns about the application, and when I was finished I was interrupted by one of the Canadian level III thermographer’s running the convention, warning of liability issues in using that camera for that application!

So what do you derive from those experiences?

If you are going to use an expensive tool like that to see things that will entice you to look a little closer in your home inspection (which you otherwise would not have seen) and help you find a verifiable issue, then fine. But if you’re going to play Home Inspector-Thermographer (and mislead your client in thinking you are such) you are flirting with liability issues.

Why don’t you take John’s course and buy one of his cheap cameras, it’s suited for the purpose you’re looking for, and at least you get some sort of training to go along with a capable camera?

You use the word “temperature” an awful lot in that sentence. Are you saying that “apparent temperature” of an indirect measurement is adequate?

Please explain how you determine emissivity.

Also describe the procedure you use to determine T-Reflect with that camera.

If you use the word “temperature”, then I am sure you conduct these procedures, right?

You are aware that a thermal camera is not a thermometer, correct?

Yea, “No brainer”…

They asked me why I was asking so many questions about a C-2 when what I actually needed was a $29,000 T660!

There’s your answer. I not looking for a glee club membership with a hefty entry fee and non accredited certification.
I’m looking for a tool that aides my home inspection business. The ICC doesn’t recognize this technology or hybrid accreditation associated with it but I wouldn’t go in with my eyes closed either.
Its usefulness for home inspectors and building inspections in general shouldn’t be overlooked, at whatever level you decide to engage.

Advanced Residential Code Inspection Exam Prep
Although home inspectors are not responsible for determining code compliance, many home inspectors enjoy being able to recognize code violations, especially on new-construction inspections. This compilation of residential, code-related questions educates the inspector by allowing the inspector to look up the answer to each question in the 2009 IRC, then immediately check his/her answer against the correct answer.

No one is expected to have the 2009 IRC memorized… which is why the ICC exams are open-book. This exam prep tool is best used with a copy of the 2009 IRC (International Code Council’s2009 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings), although the 2006 IRC will work just as well. It is a good preparation tool for those inspectors who are studying for the ICC Standard Building Contractor (B) Exam ID 615, and particularly well-suited for the Standard Residential Building Contractor © Exam ID 616. Some local municipalities have their own contractor-licensing exams. This online tool is an excellent method of preparing for such contractor exams.

This is not a “course,” per se. It is an exam prep tool, so it has no InterNACHI final exam or Certificate of Completion associated with it. This prep tool is almost entirely outside the Standards of Practice of a general home inspection, as home inspectors are not responsible for code compliance.

In keeping with InterNACHI’s commitment to education, TheAdvanced Residential Code Inspection Prep Tool is open and free to members, and can be taken again and again, without limit.

To duplicate the rigor of the actual IRC exam, we’ve compiled 40 individual five-question quizzes which cover the following topics, in random order:
Code Administration
Building Planning
Footings and Foundations
Floor Construction
Wall Construction and Coverings
Roof-Ceiling Construction and Penetrations
Public Safety

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You use the word “temperature” an awful lot in that sentence. Are you saying that “apparent temperature” of an indirect measurement is adequate?

Looks like 90 degrees Fahrenheit to me. Didn’t know that reflective heat looks any different on a stopped up sink…?


David…I don’t appreciate being talked down by some kid! This forum is suppose to be for constructive dialogue between colleagues in home inspection not condescending remarks about how “great” at thermography you are with all your certifications.

I’m sorry this device is not up to par with a $30,000 one. I don’t have the time or money to get a device like that or get a level III certification. My question was suppose to be aimed at Nick and Ben to see if they’ve played with it like they did the FLIR One. They are selling it, so it must work within reasonable parameters for home inspectors. Like Rick I would use it for diagnostics only or possible showing energy leaks. I see that potential in it and of course I would take a level I class to educate myself on thermography. I’m not some fly-by-night inspector! I care about the work that I do on an inspection for my clients!

Rick…Thanks for your comments

What kind of pharmaceuticals are you ingesting today?? What has any of the below have to do with anything that was posted so far?? :roll:


David has more training and experience in Thermography than any 20 advanced users combined here. If you perceived it as talking down, and you feel Rick’s comments were applicable and supportive, then you should really seek training before you sink even $1 into any imager, even this imager!

First of all I’m not a kid.

I don’t give a ship about my certifications, I’m talking about your potential certifications.

You don’t care that the device is up to par with industry standards? Are you kidding me?!

Like Rick, you’re likely also thermally illiterate!

Emmanuel-thank you for your support.
I try to present “facts”!

Why do I waste our (my) time over any of this?

Answer: some people out there are reading and considering the alternatives and need factual information to make an important decision. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t care what camera you use. I don’t care what training you have. But when you make an idiot of yourself, you make everyone else that invested their time, money and resources to the cause, only to make them look like idiots…

If you people don’t agree with the “facts”, then please present your own illusion!

If you have been around here for a while, you may notice that I actually supported John McKenna and his agenda (though I don’t completely agree with it) over what you idiots are coming up with now!?

Rick “the moron” Elliott can try his best, for some un-apparent reason to convince you of mediocrity. Why?

He condemns me for presenting the facts with no good cause but to bring great focal spotlight upon myself…

Why is he promoting this piece of crap camera that is for recreational use?
Get on the phone and call FLIR and asked them what this piece of ship camera is good for. They will ask you what you intend to use it for. Then they will tell you that it’s not appropriate. Is this not our discussion today?

Oh my. This is utterly amazing. So you pointed that thing at a chrome plated trap, placed your target at an oblique angle on the cylindrical surface with the default emissivity and declared that you knew the temperature based on what the imager displayed.

You have absolutely no clue of the scope of relevant knowledge that you need but don’t have access to. You really don’t know just how much you don’t know.

At least you didn’t try to determine the actual temperature of something that mattered. Keep using your toy to see if the stove works, buy stay away from the microwave because it’s beyond your capacity and don’t point that imager at anything important.

A client recently asked if I could see through clothing with the IR camera that is available now on the Internachi outlet site. Imagine that. Of course I responded no “I can’t see through clothing” and he looked relived as his wife was rather attractive. I did remark however, that I could tell if a woman were wearing a g-string as there were thermal anomalies associated that could allow detection of such things.
His next question came rather quickly “do you charge extra for that”?

Certainly do…

I think you need some serious help! :roll:

Maybe you should take your imager to the bars and use it as a parlor trick and set up a tip jar? At least that way consumers buying homes won’t be subjected to your outlook on the use of thermal imaging, you might be able to make a living, and you won’t leave a bad impression of this industry?

Certainly should NOT…

Don’t even have the decency to refrain from pointing that thing at a woman in the room! Did your damn manhood puddle on yourself again?

Your a Troll!

You guys are easy to get going… Easy there fellas.
I try not to take myself too seriously. I take my work seriously and so should you.
Get over this superior attitude about thermography level, whatever. It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to anyone but you!

I would suspect at the rate you’re going there won’t be many others out there that will either? :roll:

You assume there are those that currently do now! I suspect there may be a couple like minded individuals out there. I suspect they’re over at his private circle jerk forum he started.

Did he start the forum or just take it over?