Cable coming from foundation...What is it?

Southern Calif. home built 2005 on a slab foundations.

Looks like an unbonded Post tension cable, severed.
Jeff Pope probably knows more. :slight_smile:

That is a failed tendon, which is a structural deficiency. For a house buit in 2005, the builder is responsible for repair, unless the owner severed the cable.

As Marcel stated, this is an “unbonded” type cable, which means that it is always live. When they break/fail, they can cause property damage and/or personal injury.

If the occupants were home when this failed, they would have known something happened. The failure will shake the entire house.

That is a great Picture


usually happens when the framers drill holes to install wedge anchors. As a superintendent I saw this all the time. Those cables are pulled to 15k psi or more. When they let go they can shoot out completly or it can be fairly quiet and unnoticeable, just a slight pop in the side of the slab.

Actually, in PT slabs, the cables are normally stressed between 2250 and 2750 psi. . .

PT slabs are neat… especially when they tile the slab right away, while it’s still green and under tension…ugh. Even tile showers become kinda neat when installed on the PT slab floor. I think I can write a report on a newer home before I walk in the home for some of the defects in there. I say “neat” because it gives me something to look at :slight_smile:

Slip sheets for the tile…“we don’t need 'em!!!” Would add at least a hundred bucks to the cost of a new home…

Construct the mop/membrane system for the stall shower and drypack floor within a couple weeks after the slab is poured… “why not?”

I looked at 3 in the last couple days with tile at entry/halls and a tiled floor with PT slabs… all were nicely cracked on floor tiles. Corners of tiled showers??? cracked.

Interesting. A PT slab is something I have yet to see in the Carolinas.

We don’t have them fancy houses here in the hills of TN :|.)

I love any foundation that I doesnt have a crawl space.

A major home builder in the Katy area (Houston) is building a home for me in Westheimer Lakes. The electrical and plumbing are in, windows were supposed to go in today, and inspector is supposed to come out next wk. While doing a walk-thru this wk I noticed a post-tension cable in the kitchen sticking up thru the surface of the concrete, near the elec & plumbing for the island enter the foundation. The builder’s superintendent kinda dismissed the cable issue, saying it was their foundation contractor’s problem. Seems like it’s now my problem and the builder’s problem. Wonder how was it missed on the inspection after the foundation was poured? Do I need to get a structural engineer to write a report, or what recourse do I have to get the builder to address these problems? Maybe they will stack drywall on the cable and hide it from the inspector next week. How does one even repair a post-tension cable coming up thru the surface of the concrete? Thanks your comments & recommendations!

Probably had a stamp in the garage stating it was post tensioned.

Nice, Marcel. Thanks for the link.

Also from the picture, I see what appears to have been excessive bleed water that caused some delamination of the concrete slab.

Finishing slabs in high heat and high wind areas can be a little tricky.
Some fogging may be necessary or a spray of a chemical by Euclid Corp. might be necessary to prevent it.

Quality control of the contractor, based on the exposed cable and finish of the concrete might be reasonably prudent to step up the inspections during execution of the work.