Cable tv wire clearance

What is the wire clearance for non electric service wires such as cable tv wires across a graded surface? I have the electric wire clearances. Any different for cable tv wires? At today’s inspection, a cable tv wire was across the back yard. The lowest point in the sag was just under 8’. Anyone standing 6’ tall could reach up and grab it.

We do not inspection cable and telco wiring either inside or outside the house. The only time I ever mention it is when it’s a trip hazard.

Yep! what he said…

Thanks, I am aware we don’t inspect those wires, however it was something the buyer was concerned about at the walk through. I agreed with him that they looked low, about 7’ 8” high from the graded surface, and also looked like crap running across the middle of the back yard. I told the buyer that cable wires were not something we Inspectors inspect, however I would look into it for him. The best direction I could give him at the moment was to contact the cable company and ask them if they have a minimum height. I suggested, if they can not raise it, do have the line go to the detached garage on a mast to increase the height, or take it underground if the cable company would approve. I googled and looked on inspectapedia, and Internachi for any info, and thought I would throw it out on here for anyone who might have any insight on the topic. I’m not sure if cable tv wires are classified as communication wires or not. Phone wires are said to be 12’ from a graded surface and also have restrictions as to their proximity to electric wires. I couldn’t find anything specific to tv cable wires. I will probably call my local cable company out of curiosity.

Have your client call the authority having jurisdiction, it ain’t something you should get involved with, utility companies are not required to meet local codes.