I came across this rolled up section of cable at an inspection on Saturday. It has been run up to the house and then left outside rolled up, that is, nothing connected to the house. I’m guessing it is some sort of new fiber optic cable, but wanted to post to see if anyone recognizes it. It has the markings “Superior N Essex 2007 6 x 22 BW CF 053028 FEET” on the edge in case you can see it.




Thanks for the link. What do you suppose the cable is intended for? I did see regular TV cable there already, but this stuff was much larger in diameter.



By the markings, the cable contains 6 pairs of conductors, and based on the specs in the link, I would say it’s high quality data transmission cable, ie… computer/modem/fax… etc… That’s the stuff you pay extra for when you get a “second” line for your computer/fax. JMHO.

Yup, it’s a 6 pair, 22 gauge shielded communications cable. According to Jeffery’s link it’s on page H-11.

It’s direct burial rated communications wire, see the little phone symbol next to the numbers. It’s like exterior cat 5 cable. It can be used for phone or data, might have been installed by the phone company. Maybe there were more lines needed in the house at one time. Fiber optics don’t have any copper in them. They are like strands of glass and are more flexible than wire.

This picture might help explain things a little better. This is a phone line that looks like it was ripped out. So two communication lines here on this end of the house where the ends of the wires appear to have been ripped out of where they were being used. The odd part is that the thicker black communications cable was rolled up (earlier photo posted). This house was being sold as a bank foreclosure, so I guess no surprise that phone lines appear to have been wripped out.

Thanks to everyone else for their comments and advice. Regards, Steve