Cahpi Message Board Censorship!

Seems the censorship Gremlin has been at work on the CAHPI site under the topic heading National Certification and Accreditation Model. There were two posts there, they have been removed. No notification of removal, request to remove, no comment as to the reason. NICE!

The two posts dealt with the OAHI AGM motion to suspend participation with CAHPI and the concerns expressed by Mr. George Webb (OAHI Director) about the National.

Silencing the outspoken and dissemination of the truth.

**National Certification and Accreditation Model
What is going on between OAHI…
by Casaspec
April 5th, 2006 08:12 PM

Actually now that I check I see previous posts of mine on CAHPI have been removed. One of the posts removed was regarding CO detectors, how innocuous is that?

I also see an innocuous post from Mr. Cooke has been removed as well.

Claude Lawrenson as Ethics Chair of CAHPI what do you have to say about this matter. Consider this a formal complaint. This is the same thing OAHI did on their forum the CAFE when they didn’t like information leaking out about CAHPI and the National, even though they were public documents. Something is seriously wrong here!

Some body at CAHPI who has power is getting very nervous .
These are the people who think they can run the Canadian Certification.
I feel they should just give up they do not know how to play fair and they continue to show how completely BIASED they are .
They have a nice site that seldom gets used .
I posted a letter to all new inspectors that if they ever need help to not hesitate to call me .
I said how much I appreciated being able to ask some one for information when I started out.
CAHPI has removed my post .
They continue to prove they do not and should not be trying to control this industry.
Censorship continues to be abused by CAHPI and OAHI.
Strange Bill Mullen does not mind posting on the Canadian site set up by John Bowman.
Bill Mullen set up a blog to give answers to questions then refused to answer questions .
He then removed those questions .
I feel Bill Mullen will stop at nothing to try and achieve his wants to be big Chief of all Canadian Inspectors
. I say shame! SHAME! SHAME! on Bill Mullen and all who support him.
I was a big supporter of Bill Mullen before he Changed .
To Bad he was a good guy at one time and I considered him a good friend.
Roy Cooke A NACHI member who tries to help all.

Roy Cooke … RHI…

I guess CREA, should be aware of the misleading information being put out by CAHPI, and the misrepresentation of what its actually all about, aka power tripping, special interests, special status, censorship, conflicts of interest, power tripping, intimidation, lack of due process, faulty complaint system…

Sorry to hear that Ray. However, I am not surprised. Why would they run there BB any different than the rest of the organization. I have been waiting for almost two weeks since registering with their BB and I still cannot post.
It’s no great loss though, nothing seems to go on there anyway.
I wonder if this is why very few others bother to post anything on that site, “Big Brother” is watching.


Just to ensure things are acted on fairly and above board, this is the email letter I sent to Mr. Lawrenson, Ethics Chair of CAHPI.


Now even I have to step in here. I can attest that most everything NACHI does is done right here on this messsage board. Anyone who knows anything about NACHI knows this message board is where we hash out everything. It is a war zone sometimes but the system works.

As for a formal complaint against a member, Claude has a valid point about handling it formally, but also has some duty to confirm or deny whether he has knowledge that free speech of members is being supressed or not, and if it is… why? Aside from any particular formal complaint, I would think Claud wouldn’t mind explaining on what grounds one could reasonably and unilaterally deny another member’s ability to express opinion?

Out of 230,000+ posts on our message board, NACHI has had to ask Chris to remove about a dozen posts in our entire history. In each case we explained why it had to be done. Other boards like InspectionNAZInews are privately run for-profit companies and so their owners delete posts because they have no obligation to members… they have no members. In the case of InspectionNAZInews, the owner, Brian Hannigan is a fascist, ASHI-employed webmaster… so it is understandable why he deletes pro-NACHI posts and hides truth. The industry figured him out long ago and now (understandably again) his censored message board gets about as much traffic in 8 months as ours does every 24 hours. But on what grounds could a non-profit trade association prevent their own member from expressing their opinions on their own association’s message board. A trade association’s message board (like NACHI’s) belongs to the members… no?


Hi Nick, nice of you to weigh in.

Just to clarify the facts… The complaint is not necessarily against another member, it is against someone in CAHPI perhaps an employee maybe a member, who either through their own ignorance or under the direction of management has removed very innocuous posts, with no editorial comment degrading anyone. We have established that there is a long history of censorship in OAHI, CAHPI, and the CANUCK list.

Now given the history, given the content of the posts, given what was stated by others in those posts (remember I didn’t write the two posts they were by OAHI members and both directors), one post was on CO detection equipment. Mr. Cooke had one post removed that simply stated he would help anyone if they had a problem with home inspections. This removal was specific, targeted, bias, and deliberate and seemingly targeted at two outspoken individuals. These are Charter Rights infringement particularly freedom of speech, freedom of association. It is clear that someone can manipulate the system, and have that manipulation carried out, without fear of consequences. Having said this it is clear that someone or somebody could influence who is admitted to certification by reason of who someone is or because they have been instructed. This matter is very serious and should not be shrugged of as an action brought on by an oversite.

When you have as much dirty linen that needs washing, and it exposes the underbelly of a self regulating body you will know why they will go overboard to hide it and shut it down.

Thanks Nick!

Just out of interest go to

Under the topic CO Detectors]( by “Casaspec” click on Casaspec, tell me whose name comes up? It’s not my profile, it says its George Webbs!](


Casaspec is Raymond Wand, not George Webb.

I NO LONGER AM I INTERESTED if he is the boss… Roy sr
This Bill Mullen is trying to sell the National Certification.

This is just one example of how Bill Mullen speaks about some people on his private Canuk list .
He posted this one on the OAHI cafe when I was an OAHI member.
I have many more some much worse from Bill M.
He at this time had posted a letter that he removed from the NACHI site.
It was a great list started by John Lueck ,who also like me quit OAHI because they did not follow the rules.
If you do not agree with Bill he chastises you and removes those who do not please him from his closed propergranda forum
He never did apologize. Roy sr

[FONT=Arial][size=2] Posted - 12/04/2004 : 21:09:28 [](javascript:openWindow3(‘pop_profile.asp?mode=display&id=1773’)) [](javascript:openWindow(‘pop_mail.asp?id=1773’)) Raymond: You sir, are one lieing son of a bitch.

Refer to this:

Here is a survey I put together for CAHPI. CAHPI did not want it. According to some these are axe grinding questions. Oahi has for years had it suggested that a membership survey be taken. Guess what nothing has been done in this regard. Guess no one really wants to find out the truth about what members want, they just know that dictates seem to work best imposed by unelected officials.

On the NACHI forum you claim that CAHPI has decided that your ‘survey’ is not going to be used. Guess what, Raymond? Your are correct. You are such a naive and obsessed asshole that we have decided to look at it a bit and make some changes. Isn’t that what I told you a month ago? I want to make it fair. I appreciate your work on this, but don’t lie and mislead people in to believing that CAHPI is afraid to have a survey lest it be less than complimentary.

I told you in September that I would need to study your survey and try to make it objective. I also told you I would release it soon. Believe it or not, I and other volunteer committee and board members have a few more issues to address than your concerns.

Excuse me for not falling into the delusional Raymond Wand thinking. By the way, CAHPI-Ontario is a reality despite your poisoned thinking. We used to be friends, but now I hope you have the integrity to leave OAHI/CAHPI-Ontario.

Bill Mullen

Please complete the following questions. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the direction of the Association.


Posted - 12/04/2004 : 22:03:08 [](javascript:openWindow3(‘pop_profile.asp?mode=display&id=2071’)) [](javascript:openWindow(‘pop_mail.asp?id=2071’)) [](javascript:openWindow(‘pop_delete.asp?mode=Reply&REPLY_ID=196&TOPIC_ID=14&FORUM_ID=4’))

What a poor way for the Past President of CAHPI to talk about a member . He who is far from perfect . He has called me Liar before and I never Lie . He can not back up his statement with where he called me a liar on his forum . Sorry for Bill Mullen but this is the person who sets the rules on his forum . Then turns around and breaks the same rules that are on another forum . he borrowed some persons pass word and name to lift from a private area a posting of mine and has the nerve to put a private email he stole on this CAFE. All I can say is Shame on you Bill Mullen . You have stooped to a new low when you called me a liar . Now you have called Raymond the same . You are the person who said you would have the finical statement out before whistler and then changed it to right after whistler . While I am still waiting for the CAHPI statement you promised . I have many more examples where you said you would do some thing and never came through . I do not like bringing this up but you have over stepped the bounds of commomn decency with you accusations .I do feel an immediate apoligy should be forth coming . Roy Cooke sr.

So Nice to see your post Claude
You frequently have some good thoughts and Ideas.
I just wonder why you only seem to bring them out here.
You are do read the posts on other forums but I do not ever remember you making statements about others saying improper things any where else but here .
I wonder is this just a self imposed screening of your posts.
Or could it be you do not wish to upset your Buddy Bill or do you think you too could get removed from his propaganda Canuk Forum ?

Roy Cooke sr

What is even stranger is the same posts that were deleted on the CAHPI forum are still on the OAHI CAFE. (remarkable in itself given the past history of censorship) Seems whoever is giving the orders is at the CAHPI level and their sphere of influence in CAHPI can’t reach into OAHI. I guess we know were the orders come from.

Can you say manipulation? :slight_smile: Oooops

Regards, Claude

I do not think there is one person who would like you to go away .
I loved your question of the day.
My question was I have never seen you chastise posts else where and never saw you say any thing about Bills and others who had many mean things to say about NACHI.
This I felt was sort of one sided.
I know I have a lot to say but I really do expect fair play from all and want all to follow the rules .
It looks so strange so many questions do not get answered and then I get told I am out of date .
Wrong doing today or last year is still wrong doing.
Wrong doing last year should never be forgiven.
They are never forgotten in law .

Roy Cooke …

Claude, Why would anyone “kick” you off the BB for sharing information or expressing a opinion? This is what message boards are for. Message boards usually have very few rules…no racist, sexist comments etc. The Nachi board belongs to all of it’s members and that includes you.

The following is from the code of ethics of ASET.

  1. [FONT=Arial]Conduct themselves with fairness, honesty, courtesy and good faith toward clients, colleagues and others, give credit where it is due and accept, as well as give, honest and fair professional comment;[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]When you bad mouth someone or another organization you are damaging youself and your own organization. I bill wants to bad mouth someone then the thing he says are reflected back on him. When you badmouth CAPHI the general public does not know much about them or NACHI so there opinion is formed that Home inspection Assoc. are not good. Then they extend the opinion to all Assoc, and to the members of those Assoc. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]None of this is good for our business, reputation etc. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]I am not a member of CAPHI but if anyone asks and I get several questions a month I tell then that CAPHI is another Assoc. I belong to NACHI because it is a better Assoc. and our standards exceed CAPHI. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Taking the positive approach promotes the inspection industry and that can only be good for all of us. [/FONT]