I have been informed that several CAHPI-OAHI members have been denied renewal in CAHPI-OAHI for apparently having the balls to speak out on the various home inspectors forums about irregular practices occuring within management of CAHPI-OAHI.

This action flies in the face due process once again and the right to be heard and actions without just cause.

Two other members had his upgrade from Retired to Full Member stifled and denied, even though CAHPI-OAHI does not have the power to do so within the by-laws.

Members have had fines imposed without a hearing which is contravention of the by-laws. No one knows how the fines that were illegally collected have been accounted for in financial statements.

Secret deals have been made by certain members of the BOD with CAHPI without consultation or knowledge of the full BOD, let alone the membership! Deals were cut that are now questionable because they were done without full disclosure. No one knows what was agreed to exactly whether it was good deal for the members or a good deal for those certain directors.

Repeated requests to obtain information from the Association Lawyer, the OAHI office staff, and the BOD and Treasurer are either not answered or when answered are what only could be described as lip service.

The question remains that CAHPI-OAHI a major signatory to the NATIONAL are being done on the fly, without full knowledge, by special interests, and by disgruntled members in the two camps that are vying for power between CAHPI National and CAHPI-OAHI.

The financial affairs of CAHPI-OAHI are still not fully disclosed just two weeks prior to the AGM.

The BOE and its committee members one of which is President of OACETT have applied the rules as they see fit and given themselves discretionary powers.

Members have been threatened and intimidated! That is a fact!

I sure hope CAHPI-OAHI get their **** together and sure hope CAHPI-OAHI has Directors and Officers Liability insurance.

With all this going on no one in Ontario should run out and sign up with the National until such time as CAHPI-OAHI is forensically audited as there are many many irregularities.

Raymond sorry but you are preaching to those who know and care.
This has been said for years and Many ( some are members of NACHI ) have said I am always bashing OAHI and CAHPI.
Not for a minute have I bashed OAHI and CAHPI ,It is the Directors of Both associations that I am very disappointed with.
These Directors have not been the least big fair and honerable and are still not doing things they should for the betterment of the industry.
This includes many past and present directors.
This industry in Canada ( My openion ) would be so much better off if all directors where to open up listen to the Home inspectors and do what is proper for all home inspectors .
They continues to ignore questions, refuse to give information , and continue to show that they are not for the average home inspector they are in it just for them selves.
A full disclosure and an open inquiry is needed by both associations
( My openion ) .
The great growth of NACHI in Canada is the salvation of the home inspection industry and this open BB is the only place where much information is shared .

I agree signing up with CAHPI on their National Certification is just agreeing with their selfish attitude.


If CAHPI-OAHI were an eatable product it would be banned for health reasons!

Gee, Roy, that’s too bad.

I guess that means you won’t really like the new media release coming our next week from CMHC that includes the following:

A professional home inspector can help you find out as much as possible about a home’s condition, livability and safety before you sign on the dotted line. To help you make more informed decisions – and keep unpleasant surprises to a minimum – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has several tips for finding and selecting a qualified home inspector, including:
· Check association Websites, the yellow pages and housing trade magazines to find a home inspector in your area who meets the national certification standards. These national standards of competency were developed by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), with support from CMHC, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), and the Construction Sector Council (CSC). Visit to learn more or to confirm claims of compliance with the National Certification Program’s requirements. You may also contact CAHPI to verify an inspectors standing as a National Certificate Holder in the National Certification Program.

I think after reading that, it makes sense to try to become a National Certificate Holder. But it’s voluntary, so do as you wish.

Bill Mullen

Raymond, this is all hearsay. Why not invite those who have had this happen to them here to the BB and and relate their experiences.


This is how these guys ‘create’ news.

Raymond rails on and on about some ‘unfairness’ that he has heard about, then Roy chirps in and expresses his disgust with OAHI and his undying love for Nick. By this afternoon, Roy, Ray and others on here will have sputtered about the details so much that they’ll believe it all to be fact. By tomorrow, they’ll swear it’s all true because ‘where there’s smoke there must be fire.’

The unfortunate part is that SOME (not all) of Raymond’s statements are correct, but he hasn’t backed them up with real evidence. As such, and until there is hard evidence, they are worthless and unfair.

Bill Mullen

Come on Bill you still do not give out information we ask you evade constantly
Lets try this now John Q wants a National certified Home inspector how does he find one . There is no list that I have seen .

This will not make me get any less work and CAHPI from the get go has shown how it discriminates against those who do not follow you and your self appointed secret group.
You keep trying to sell the swizzle Where is the meat.
Roy Cooke

Michael Larson Unfortunately if they did this would be just putting them selves completely out of the picture for any chance in the future of ever going any where with any of the CAHPI member groups .
These are the most vindictive bunch running the associations.
You can be sure for the rest of your life you will be on the out side looking in . They also run the a dirty whisper campain against all who are out spoken .
This has been this way in Ontario for many years and it is still the old guard who run OAHI. they have elections ? of a sort but the Directors must follow the Silent group or they are removed .
There is a movement afoot to try and improve things but it looks like this will not happen this year .
Roy Cooke

Bill at least you can come to the NACHI site and give your openion and thoughts Unfortunately this is a one way street .
Your thoughts get out but those who disagree with you are not allowed to make a opposing post on any of the Canadian sites including your closed CANUK list . Fair I guess in your eyes its OK .
When you get asked a direct question you chose to answer those that make you look good and ignore those that might make others look good.

Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI Member

Then why would anyone want to to be associated with them? Or care?

They seem to have a direct line to the government at this time and have been able to convince some of those in power how great they are .
Its politics as usual unfortunately.
I do appreciate you thoughts and opinions
Roy Cooke

I think I have just given out the best information possible. The public is now being advised by the Canadian housing experts, CMHC, to hire National Certificate Holders. How many house sales is CMHC a part of ? I am extremely happy and proud.

If John Q, public wants to find a National Certificate Holder, he can contact CAHPI or soon he will be able to go to the new National Certification website that is about to be unveiled.

I would like to personally thank you, Roy, for convincing those who made the decisions on acceptance of the National Certification Program (CMHC, CREA, etc.) not to pay attention to NACHI. The fact that NICK allowed you and your moronic babbling to speak for NACHI just made them think that NACHI had nothing to bring to the table. You should likely receive an award from CAHPI for keeping NACHI out of the running. Thanks again.

Bill Mullen


I pretended to be a client in need of a home inspector and phoned CAHPI: 1-800-610-5665 and the CMHC: locate a National Certificate Holder within the Fraser Valley. I was referred to to choose an inspector. What happens if I want to choose a National Certificate Holder from another association such as my own? I would hope that the NCA and the CMHC would set up a web page with links to National Certificate Holders to give others, like myself, the opportunity to be hired. (Quote from **CMHC does not recommend or endorse any individual home inspector or association. CMHC does encourage and support the private home inspection industry to establish national uniform standards of competency. ** So why then is neither NACHI, BCIPI, or any other association referred to on CMHC"s web site? How does being a National Certificates Holder help me to establish my credibility as a home inspector, when I belong to another association other than CAHPI? This is really biased and needs to be addressed if the NCA wants support from other association members such as NACHI’s. They should establish a web site where ALL National Certificate Holders are identified and their business information listed. Do you agree, Bill? And will you adress this situation in the very near future? Thank you in advance.


Glad to help you Bill, to bad you still do not have the ability to answer some simple questions .
I wish you all the best Bill and do hope some time one of your ideas are successfull.
It would be nice if you keep your word for once and do come to the opening of the NACHI conference in May .
If you like I will even sit in the Free CAHPI booth that NACHI is suppling with you and talk too people.

Roy Cooke . A Happy NACHI Member

Hi Brett:

As I said in an earlier post, the NCA website is about to be unveiled. It will have all inspectors available regardless of association. It will not be restricted to CAHPI inspectors.

CAHPI is the only association listed by CMHC because CAHPI was created to develop and administer the National Certification Program. It’s a CAHPI asset so why would any other association be mentioned by CMHC? No other association was created for this purpose and no other association worked for years with CMHC and many others to get to this point.

More than a year ago I, on behalf of the NCP, invited BCIPI, NACHI and others to the party and they all refused. Maybe that wasn’t such a good decision.

Bill Mullen

Hi Bill:

Sorry, I missed the part about the NCA New Web site on one of your posts. Looking forward to its arrival.


Just maybe they where smarter and could see how great this will not be . Time will tell .
There must be a reason why NACHI is growing and CAHPI is not .

Roy Cooke
A Happy NACHI member

We’re hoping to have it up and running very soon, and as I said, every National Certificate Holder will have equal billing.

On another note, the system is set up so seats on the National Certification Authority will eventually be filled by ‘Holders’ who have been elected by other ‘Holders’. These positions can be held by anyone who is a ‘Holder’ regardless of association membership. It is actually conceivable that at some future date there could be more non-CAHPI members than CAHPI members on the National Certification Authority, and this is the group that has most of the power. There will be an election later this year.

Food for thought.

Bill Mullen

Really. CAHPI membership across Canada went up by 250 in 2006. How about NACHI?

Time will not only tell, Roy…time is now telling. The program is up and running and it is accepted by those who really count.

I have a lot more aces to pull out of my sleeves later this month as well.

Bill Mullen

Bill you know you are wrong why not post the true totals of home inspectors from each association .

What a great way to try and win go to the card game with a bunch of aces up your sleeve .
Not nice to brag about being a cheater Bill .
NACHI has always been open for all to see all .
Bill can you please tell us of any of your programs that have worked .

Roy Cooke