At the OAHI AGM this past weekend the motion to suspend participation with CAHPI in regards to National Certification was defeated.

We need more, more, more

There is nothing more to report. That is all I know. Two new directors were elected, Gary Quackenbush and Glenn Gogal. One director Andrew Bennett is out and that is probably best for OAHI as he had no concept of his duties and role to administer the by-laws. I can’t say how pleased I was to hear that! Maybe he can now push his itinerant rules and intimidation on AATO members in his role as Registrar.

But like many things in OAHI/CAHPI I suspect more of the same. A closed mentality!

Once again OAHI members have been referred to this site for info. Anyway just remember without NACHI participation National Certification will not have sufficient numbers to succeed.

Has anyone had their cheque cashed yet or anyother communication regarding certification?

I believe tomorrow is the last day for appl’s. Should be hearing more soon. Actually the numbers I hear are overwhelming - seems there is a lot of interest.
Regards, Claude

Sounds Great.
Sort of strange CAHPI has had my cheque since Feb 12th and it still has not been cashed.
Roy sr

Mine too, still no record of them changing it!!

Lots of interest of the first 100 applicants? Claude do you know how many are NACHI as compared to non NACHI.

Thanks for the feedback.

The more I read these posts, and talk to former OAHI inspectors, the more pissed off I am becoming. What a pile of crap, I think CAPHI, and OAHI is like the Panda, they have been going extinct for so long, that no one cares any more. Or maybe like Gilligans Island, they have had every opportunity to be rescued, but some moron always screw up everyone elses chances.

What’s the cheque for?

its the $100.00 for the pilot program for the national certification.

No, I am not privy to the breakdowns, by province, region, affiliation or not.

Ok, so what does the $100.00 do for me? Register me? Give me some sort of vote? Application fee? What?

This should answer you paul . Please send me email if you have any more questions . Roy sr.

The following invitation is now posted as an opportunity for home inspectors in Canada.

The $100 application fee was for the first 100 aplicants to be Nationally Certified by CAHPI. If you are not one of the first 100 applicants the fee will be $1K subsequently. That is if you believe it will increase your professional image, and make you a better inspector and bring you more work, and so on, all of which has yet to be proven beyond doubt.


The biggest problem OAHI has is that it wants everyone to follow the by-laws, SOP, COE, but they (BOD) have continually failed to follow the rules they promised to uphold when they ran for office.

As to CAHPI and its responsibilities, the same holds true. Just look at the way Mr. Mullen ran off at the mouth telling everyone that would listen how Ray and Roy were derailing the National, the White Knights and anyother manner of half baked idea came into his noggan. The sad part and reality is that one astute member and many more had the same concerns and had enough guts to put a motion together for the AGM. Strange how those who were outspoken were not labelled as derailers or anyother strange names for asking and stating the same opinions.

The biggest obstacle to National Certification has been Mr. Mullen and a few cohorts who think they are Gods gift to the inspection industry. Apparently Mr. Mullen and cohorts were so desperate to get NACHI onboard that Mr. Mullen came to Nick several times with cap in hand, pleading to get on board. The other aspect that has peeved OAHI/CAHPI members is the well known fact many did not like the fact that Nachi had to be included as Federal money (taxpayer money)was involved. Oh well that aspect has not changed, and all those wishing to be certified still can be certified regardless which organization you belong too.

The other strange but true item is the fact that I was twice suspended from the OAHI CAFE for asking many of the same items that the tabled motion raised and the fact that I had to defend myself from unwarranted and completely false allegations against me by the likes of Mullen and his accomplice on the BOD who ran the CAFE. This is all factual and backed up by document trail. They do not like anyone smarter then them, or astute enough to ask very serious factual questions.

Oh well let the games begin!

Regarding the issue application cheques. “The cheques will only be cashed if you are chosen for the Pilot Project.” It’s still work in process.

Again for clarification - I would not necessarily put a lot of belief on the $1K quote that was stated “If you are not one of the first 100 applicants the fee will be $1K subsequently.” Again still work in process!

Thanks Roy & Ray,

This “Sign now and pay $100 or wait and you’ll have pay $1,000” thing sounds like classic sales tactics. -X

Whenever I hear about the National Certification, OAHI, CAHPI I just can’t seem to follow it. (8\) Seems like such a big mess with many possible endings that are always changing. I don’t know how you guys can keep this stuff straight. If all this were all taking place in a large meeting hall in one evening I would be the guy whose tryed to follow it but fell asleep in my chair. — wake me up when someone has made a final decision on something(X})

With out a doubt Claude you have the courtesy to at least try and get some information out .
Thanks for doing what you can .
Roy sr.
I can not see this flying though to much secrecy and BS .
Intimidation still shows .
And CAHPI?OAHI still have not proven they can be trusted to do what is right.
One person trying is far from enough.
Still hoping Roy sr.

Hey Paul…

You think you’re confused? Get in line, I thought I was the only one… :wink: