California Association of REALTORs speaks out about inspection associations.

In 8 years, I have had no one ask me if or what association I belong too. The question that is most asked is, are you licensed. That tells you how educated the realtors are in my service area.

I get asked if I am a member of ASHI. There is still work to do here in CA for InterNACHI recognition.

I had one listing agent put into their contract the buyer’s inspector had to be ASHI or CRIEA and asked me for my # for his records, and then made the buyer sign a waiver that they had chosen a non-ASHI inspector.

I was going to bring it up to Nick, but I got busy an forgot about it.

But yeah, 99.1% of the time, most people don’t know a ASHI from an IHSA.

There was a time years ago when a couple of RE Agencies got wined and dined by ASHI & CREIA. They would ask if you were a member of one of them. If you said no they would not book. That only lasted a couple of months. There was plenty of work out there for everyone anyway.

Nick, Does InterNACHI have an opinion about the AB 717 bill that passed?

AB-1357 Home inspectors: roofing contractors: roof inspections

04/25/17 (PASS) Asm Business and Professions 13 0 3 Do pass as amended and be re-referred to the Committee on [Appropriations]
Ayes: Bloom, Brough, Chiu, Dahle, Eggman, Gipson, Grayson, Holden, Irwin, Low, Mullin, Steinorth, Ting
No Votes Recorded: Arambula, Baker, Cunningham

Any insight would be appreciated.