California Home Inspections and Termite Evidence

I realize that in California one must be licensed by the structural pest control board to officially call out an active termite infestation, but as a home inspector should we mention evidence as “possible wdo evidence” when we see droppings (drywood termites). Case in point, I found a pile of pellets adjacent to a water heater base. I feel like I should mention it, but I’m not sure if I’d be opening a can of worms by stepping on the termite inspectors toes. (i’m a formerly licensed WDO inspector in California)


I have pointed out observations and then qualify to what ever degree you are comfortable
i.e. dry wood/subterranean. Do not remark as to it being active or not, simply refer it on to a licensed specialist.

Check out this thread:

Nick wrote to the State and got a letter back about what we can and can’t say.

Essentially, unless you are a licensed WDO, all you can say is insect. Any attempt to identify what kind of insect or if the insect is WDO or not is prohibited.

The actual letter is here:

That letter brings the clarity I was seeking, thank you!