California wildfire! Wow

Just watched this a minute ago,

Jeff, Will, Russel, Keith, just a few named. any of you guys, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?

Marcel :frowning: :shock:

Still here. Forced to leave last night, but back at home now. 25 structures lost last night, but no additional today. . .

Awfull nice to here that you are alright and concerned if anyother members in that area might have been affected with this evacuation.

250,000 people is a lot of people, well at least for Maine anyways.

Take care Jeff.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This situation is getting progressively worse. I just walked out of the office and the sky is hazy, you can smell smoke, and it’s a bit tough to breath. Pretty scary stuff.

Talked to my son in Camarillo several times yesterday. He was between the Castaic fire and the Malibu fire but far enough away not to be too worried at that time. Extremely strong Santa Ana winds, dark sky, ash falling, smoke, etc. Remind me again what is so nice about LaLa Land?

I knew about the earthquakes when I moved to San Diego from the east coast 2 years ago. But nobody told me about this kinda $hit. There are about 5 people from my office who have been evacuated. One who owns horses. Where do you go with horses? You can’t just go to a hotel with horses in tow.

Hey Jeff,

Glad to hear you are OK, hope its over soon.


Guess you have never had horses. Those of us that travel the country with show horses usually have special arrangements made ahead of time and the horse industry is almost always welcoming to those in trouble.

I’m stuck in Big Bear Lake. Actually I’m over in Fawnskin at a cabin I inspected today. I can’t get down the hill. 18 was closed when I came up this morning and they’ve closed 38 to Redlands which is how I got up here. I thought about going down the back side to Victorville, but the 15 is closed as well. The highway patrol at the check point going down the hill states a 5-6 drive time to go about 30 miles. I’m going to try it early tomorrow morning. It’s cold up here and the wind is laying down. I just heard on the radio that San Diego lost 500+ homes today and over 100 business’s, has anyone heard from Russell?

Hey Ben;

CBS news is reporting over 70,000 evacuee’s have been moved to Qualcomm Stadium, are they allowing large animals there as well?

News report I saw earlier said not even small pets allowed. Parking lot only.

Take the 18 out the back-side to the 247 toward 29 Palms. The 62 will take you through Desert Hot Springs to I-10.

You certainly don’t want to get stuck up there tomorrow. Forcast is for 80 degrees (warm for Lake Arrowhead) and sustained winds of 40+ mph.

I feel for you guys. We had a bad year last year, I had four friends living in my house, shed and well house. At one point there was six guest horses and unknown dogs and cats running around the place.

All of this, while I was stationed at one of their neighbors houses for structure protection as the fire blew thru their town just north of here. It can be very scary and I know what you guys are having is far worse, those Santa Ana wind driven fires are like wildfires on steroids, wicked.

Anything we can do to help, let us know.

I remember the Painted Cave fire in Santa Barbara in 1990 was pretty bad, then a year later in 91 was the devasting Oakland Hills fire.

You guys stay safe out there, you can always get more stuff.

I remember sitting absolutely helpless up in Seattle while my 5 year old son was visiting grandparents in Santa Barbara that day. They were trapped with all escape routes blocked by fire. They stayed and with hoses on the roof, the fire got within 2 blocks when the wind shifted.

I remember the Coyote fire of 1964. Sitting on the roof of my parents house watching the entire mountain range in back of Santa Barbara in flames. Over 80,000 acres burned in that one in about 3-4 days. You could see a ribbon of fire 15 miles long.

My prayers are with those in harms way.

Jeff Pope, there is room at the inn in SB if you have to leave again.

Good question, I’m not sure. Girls from our office just went down there to deliver blankets, bedding, water, etc., etc.

This sucks. Bottom line. The evacuations keep moving further and further south. I am taking my hard drive with me when I leave the office today as a precautionary measure. Our office is in a canyon surrounded by brush. Fortunately I am flying east tomorrow night and won’t be subjected to this smoky haze of an atmosphere.

P.S – for any of you who owe FREA outstanding membership dues, we will still find you should anything happen to our office :wink:

Doesn’t appear like this is getting anybetter.

More than 500,000 flee as California fires rage for third day

The wind-driven infernos have so far scorched at least 335,000 acres (1,355 square kilometers) of tinder-dry brush, making the blaze one of the worst wildfire crises in Californian history.

Good luck to all of you out there and pray this will calm and control shortly.

Marcel :slight_smile:

That’s right, John! I don’t wanna have to send the sharks out to collect on bad debt! :twisted:

Wow… this is really getting huge. :shock: