On Fire

Don’t really know if the rest of the nation is seeing this on the news, but we’re on fire and containment is still less than 10% (the next report may state we’re back to 0% containment, it seems to change by the hour). The area that’s burnt so far is the size of LA, 469 square miles, over 300,000 acres.

Interesting video on channel 4 news. The link: http://www.abc4.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=70340

and earlier report on this fire: http://www.abc4.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=70340

The fire started last Friday and still seems to be going strong.

Man, Chris I hope you and yours are not in the area burning.

Hey Chris… be careful.
That’s a big fire.

The entire West is on fire. Washington as well. It’s terrifying really. God bless you Chris and please be careful. :frowning:

I am waiting to be called out west to fight those fires. My bags are packed just waiting for the call.

Brian . . . So far my area is not burning, I live in the southwest corner of the state, but the northwest corner of Arizona is on fire and can see the mountains at night burning.

John . . . think I heard that the fire is bigger than the city of Los Angeles . . . and continues to grow.

Wendy . . . so far we’ve be very lucky, last year our area seemed to be on fire and a couple of years agoa we had major flooding . . . go figure.

Todd . . . hope you’re able to stay in Florida, the temps have been in the 100’s and this fire is going somewhat crazy, they now have Type 1 team fighting the fires (no sure what Type 1 means, other than they now have complete authority over all firefighters . . . they must be a special trained team, somewhere I think I heard they have about 100 firefighters where other smaller fires in the area have twice as many on the lines but not as well trained, but I not really sure).

The world’s gone crazy…

Forest fires are normal and have been happening for a long, long, long time. Even longer than Roy has been around. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The only reason we notice is because we live near them! Hopefully, any of you who live near them have a good escape plan and will be safe!

What about the fact that most of the west, and even for awhile there most of Florida which is a marshland in a good portion, is all burning at the same time, while in other areas is drought, famine, wars and rumors of wars…

Todd you be careful, those fires out there move faster than you can run, God be with you.

i went thru yellowstone last year and most of the burnt trees standing and on the ground are still there after the 83 fire, it takes a long time for them to decompose where it is so dry.And the new trees were only 7 or 8 ft tall.

More appropriate would be calling mother nature - mother-in-law nature.

Stay safe everybody.

More video update on fire from the highway patrol.


I will be on 1 of those teams when I get deployed. Still waiting on the call the last two days have been better in terms of weather & new fires. What that means is they are starting to get a grip on them but that could change in an hour or less. Time will tell.

Fires all over the west.

Just found out my cousin was evacuated from his home in the Black Hills of South Dakota due to wildfires.

Good luck to everyone in these areas!