More Fires in SoCal

Winds up to 60 mph and fires are not a good combination.

This is the view from my backyard today.






Jeff…I just got off the phone with my son in Camarillo…he’s seeing the same thing from the Castaic and Malibu fires…you guys take care!

We had to leave our home shortly after I took these pics. We’re back now, but I’ll be sleeping with one eye open. . .

Wind speeds in the fire areas as quoted by CBS News 11:45 PM

Laguna Peak in Orange County - 101 MPH
Tejon Pass on the Grape Vine - 105 MPH

Going to be on rough night for the fire fighters!

Stay safe Jeff!!

There was an interesting segment on 60 Minutes last nite about the increase in forest fires throughout the states. This problem is going to continue to get worse over the years, more larger fires.

If I lived in one of these areas I would be investing in a product like this.