Demonrats are getting slow...

It took them a whole day to blame Bush for the severity of the Socal fires, they say it is because all of the National Guard troops and equipment are tied up in the unpopular warn Iraq. Who woulda thunk it? :roll:

An agreed symptom of “global warming” is an overactive hydro-cycle. Glad all this rain has kept California safe.


That’s baloney, They could put a whole platoon of firefighters (guard troops) in front of that fire and it would blow right over them. The firefighers can’t get in front of it because it is moving so fast and is so large. All anyone can do is try to keep adjacent homes from going up. Hopefully the winds will die down soon so they can get in front of it.

I heard yesterday they pulled 800 troups AWAY from border guard to assist at the evacuation centers. They are currently having a huge tailgate party because they don’t have anything to do.

Ho looking for the NACHI board?
Is this FOX news? lol

Hey who are you?!!!

Everyone knows the media is a better crediable source of information than any expert.


and everybody knows that if you get it off of this board it’s right out of the oven, hot’n fresh, up to the minute !!!:smiley:

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Ken,Point well taken, however

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