Call and get in on this Cert-A-Roof deal.

Looks interesting but in the big picture most home inspectors are already probably fairly adept at determining whether or not a roof has 2-years of life left. Here in Florida if a home inspector said that a roof only had two years left the home would be considered uninsurable.

Most insurance companies here in Florida won’t issue a new homeowners policy unless the inspector is able to certify that the roof has three or more years of life left in it.

Hell, if the roof really only has two years of life left in it, why wait… tear it off now and replace it before it starts to leak. :smiley:

Still, I like the concept, with a few tweaks it just might work out to be something.

They are meeting with Jeff Judy on Saturday to fix the program up.

The meeting went well, nice people, came away with a proposed reduction for all InterNACHI members.

Fee was $1500
Now around $500

Attacked after with-out getting details.