Here's one for you.

I just got a call from a local insurance agent advising me that Citizens is requiring me to add my Florida H.I. # to a 4pt. inspection report that I did 6 years ago. Apparently, the client is changing insurance and Citizens is willing to accept the report from 6 years ago- provided I add my H.I. number(which didn’t exist 6 years ago) to the report.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Really?

Not surprising, there are no greater scumbags than Citizens.

Yep, they have asked for my hi number and NACHI number.
On the roof cert as well.

I’ve been getting that request for a couple of years.

I’ll go one better for you…Did a 4-Point 12/23/2011 - Life expectancy of the roof is stated as 3-5 years…Policy bound on 1/5/2012 - Citizens denies coverage since now that it is 2012 the roof only has 2 years remaining life - they are going by calendar year and since the inspection was in 2011…

If someone purchases a home
in an area prone to hurricane…
why are they surprised
at the need for additional hurricane coverage?

Change the life expectancy.
sorry, guess I was wrong as it it three years later and the roof still looks the same as it did three years ago.
I have done that for three different friends who have a solid concrete roof. I, and several honest roofers have told them to never removed those roofs.

The inspection was done 12/23/2011 with 3-5 yrs - now, because it is 1/5/**2012 **they say, well now it only has 2 yrs left - that’s ONE WEEK AFTER THE INSPECTION - The house is right down the road from me, so to ease the pain for the agent, I’m going to take new pictures and update the report to be a 2012 inspection - unbelievable

That’s crazy for sure. It certainly appears they are only taking the calendar year approach without using any common sense what-so-ever.


Oh No ! …I did two on Friday 1/27/11 that were the same 3 to 5 years …I’ll let you know if I get the same result :shock:

Changing ANY kind of report more than a couple of days later is out of the question, for obvious reasons!

How old is the roof, and what type of surface? They do have age limitations on these things and they are in fact liberal. You won’t catch me rating a shingle roof at 25 year life expectancy here but that is their(citizens) limit.

I agree any report I change after 30 days will be classified as a re inspection with a fee.

Why is it that a lot of what I’m seeing on this message board is allot of inspectors are afraid to charge for their service.

The insurance agents and the main insurance company aren’t working for FREE. Why should you…

If I change my report I need to be paid for a re inspection free, then
I go back to the property to make sure there is no changes.

Why o why is it that all of the insurance companies and real estate companies are telling people what inspectors charges. The only prices they remember is the low ball prices.

How many home inspectors are out there telling home buyers that realtors should be paid 1% or maybe 1/2% for the sale. Boy that would blow their dress up…

The real estate company averages 6% a sale, try asking a broker to cut his or her price.


tell them their home owners insurance should be $150 dollars for the year…

I just have to scratch my head and wonder what happen to the business since behind the some home inspectors

Start making a form for the clients to sign saying if the insurance companies request any additional info there will be an additional charge called a re inspection Fee or a paperwork Fee.

They have to have inspections to get insurance… Charge for it!! I Charge for my time…

The reason I work is to make as much money as I can…it’s called feeding the family. **The insurance companies, real estate company or the client aren’t going to be holding your hand if your in the soup line. :smiley: