Roof certification.. Yeah right

Two year roof certifications are popular here, with roofers doing repairs and “certifying” the roof. On an inspection last week, I was told that the roof had a two year “cert”, and there was no need to inspect it. Welllllll…
here’s what I found. I guess it might last two years :roll:

I think I’m in the wrong business with guys charging a couple of hundred bucks for this

I wonder does he get a new phone number every 90 days ???

I wouldn’t doubt it Roy

So that’s where my old roofing contractor disappeared to.

I’ve seen stuff like that last for four or five years. As long as the 90lb underlayment doesn’t leak it’s ok. Gotta remember, tiles protect the underlayment, they aren’t waterproof. (unless you build em different in CA??)

Did you see leakage in the attic?

No leakage was observed, but I just don’t like the holes in the silicone. He at least could have spread it over the edges a little more. But even if it lasts 4-5 years, my liability in CA is over that. CYA you know.

At the very least it is a crappy, unprofessional job that I wouldn’t want on my own roof.

These roofers are charging anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand to certify roofs depending on how much work and material is involved.

Charging 200 for laying down three beads of caulk sounds like a great way to make money to me.

The kicker is, they only guarantee the roof, not the contents of the house. So if this thing leaks within two years, the roofer will fix the leak, but not take care of the sheetrock ceiling or furniture that gets ruined.

Personally, I would love it the homes I inspect come with a roof certification. Takes that monkey right off my back. You can still report, but the other guy is responsible.

Our roof certifications are different here then. For $200, the roofer will certify that the roof will last a minimum of two years. Some lenders are requiring that, as well as some insurance companies (some three years).

The roofer doesn’t do any work on a cert, just states the condition that it will or will not last the required time.

You’re right, it was an ugly job. But, ugly doesn’t always leak…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Agree there