Call center

I saw an older thread about call centers but nothing recent. What call centers do you guys use and what are your opinions about all of them?

Never did use one. Always better to answer your own phone.

Hope this helps.

America’s Call Center is what my companies use

We are using America’s Call Center. They have done a good job for us but sometimes they are our largest overhead expense.

America’s Call Center! Not cheap but I consider them as my business partners taking care of the part of the business that I don’t like to do!

There are quite a few out there. Americas Call Center, Simple Solutions, Perceptionists, ICS, Center of the Sun, ISG and several others. Since 1984, I have used various inspector answering services AND shopped many others.

NONE are cheap … But I do not answer a phone when in an inspection OR when teaching classes so to me its very useful to have an answering service to help me from losing business.

The big issue I find with all of them is each one has 1-2 super stars answering the phones and the rest of their staff is like robots. Most do not really upsell UNLESS you call someone asking a caller …

That question is what I hear being called UPSELLING.

Then when I’ve shopped competitors answering services AND asked about the inspectors qualifications …

Twice recently I shopped a LARGE call center AND when I started out my call with I’m buying a house in Thornton, Colorado (Denver suburb) it took the gal almost 5 minutes to determine if the Denver inspector went to Thornton (under 20 miles away) … NOT impressive.

If you got a wifie OR can answer yourself you probably get more PUSH

Just curious what’s a ball park price for call centers ( have no idea what so ever)…I couldn’t imagine not answering the phone personally

ACC is $350 per month plus $20 or so per booked inspection. Well worth it though.

You need people that know your area and know how much time you need to inspect and then transition to the next place. We could never use a call center for that reason. I have a person on staff who manages the schedule, plugs everything to ISN. I only make calls, I don’t receive them. My assistant handles it all.

You would be better off paying someone $13 to 15 per hour, they could help you market and do all of your front and back office stuff. Get them a cell phone and laptop and they can work from anywhere. Perfect for a stay at home mom. They would know your area and could keep the schedule filled. My person books 7 days per week for me. I can grab the phones at any time if they need a break.

How many inspections a month?

I could be mistaken, but I think it is $20 per inspection whether you do 10 a month or 100 a month. The $350 gets charged no matter what

$300 to $350 for having the service THEN $20 to $22 per booked inspection is fairly typical.