America Call Center Review

Just booked a inspection under a friend of mines inspection company with his permission as a test and I have to say I am VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of service I received!! Mary (my friends office manager) took my call and never once did she miss a beat. Asked me all kinds of questions about the property and did very well when I asked her what Radon was and if I should get the test done. I also inquired about lateral sewer inspections and they were very knowledable about that as well. Without a doubt she was so professional and her voice was so relaxed I almost forgot I was there to book an inspection and never once did I think she wasn’t part of my friends office. Also when they initially answered the phone I felt like they really cared and introduced my friends company image with pride. After asking many questions myself without her missing a beat, I gave her the wrong sq footage to the house on purpose and Mary caught it and informed me in a very nice way the bill would be alittle higher due to the additional square footage. Another thing I liked about her when I told her I didn’t want to give out my realtor info she referred to the owner by name and asked very politely if she could have it for his records. Over all A+ without a doubt and I promise you this not sure how long many of you followed my post but if something doesn’t live up to what I expect it to many of you know I will be the first to inform you. Can’t wait to get my service set up. I feel 100% confident more inspections are coming my way with people of this caliber answering my phones.

To get set up…

PS… I could tell without a doubt by how knowledable Mary was they indeed cater to just home inspectors.

Great review flat shoes! I am heading that route myself. Can’t afford to miss a call and as I grow, don’t want to miss a beat down stream trying to adjust. Sounds like a very positive investment indeed. Thanks!

Thought about using them aswell not that expensive either a flat fee or per inspection commission. I’d rather pay a lil to get a lot. And since I have a regular day job I can’t take calls at think it will be good for me. Glad someone posted a review

That’s awesome Billy! I told you that you’d be impressed and you know that I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction. I just wish that they would start helping to answer my phones!!!

America’s Call Center is a very good service to consider, especially if you have a thick accent.

How much is the service? It seems like you pay per inspection maybe?


$315 flat fee and $18 per inspection. If you want them to book third parties and get your agreement signed its $21 per inspection. After what I heard today no doubt these people will book additional inspections which will easily pay for the service plus increase my bottom line. To be honest unless you are a great salemen with a comfortable voice over the phone (my voice sucks over a phone) you best listen to me and give these people a call. Again Kenton nailed me right I don’t like to blow money and this my friends IMO is money well spent.

Exactly I knew you wouldn’t either and I appreciate it. As for answering your phones no one want’s to do that they would never eat or sleep. :wink:

$315 a month plus the per inspection fee?

That is correct. Compare that to actually hiring someone to sit in your home office or a building your renting. Like comparing apples to oranges. Much cheaper!

It would appear the value lies in how many price-shoppers are converted into hard sales and how many gimmicks added on to those sales. Most likely the service is not as valuable if most of your calls are clients seeking to scheduled a simple home inspection, as opposed to being closed.

These days I get very few price shoppers and convert most to sales already, as far as add-on gimmick sales, (recalls, burglar alarms & warranties) I only sell inspection services which I perform myself, so there is nothing else anyone has to sell for me. Good luck with your venture.

:shock: Holly cow! Their service would be costing me $1200+ per month if they were booking my appointments. That’s a bit pricey if you ask me…

I agree Jeff, that is alot of money. My secretary makes a good living but she brings in the money as well.

The biggest atrribute that is missing is the relationship building. Shelly knows the majority of my clients, has them programmed into the phone and has a professional ‘relationship’ with the people.

It’s like talking to an “old friend”.

Not knocking it, just different strokes for different folks…

I’m telling you guys it was like talking to old friends today and these people log all your calls regardless if they book or not. Never once did I feel like I was talking to some call center who didn’t give a crap like I have many times before. What I like is your not charged until you actually complete the inspection so if it’s CX then there is no per inspection fee. Think about it this way raise your prices $20 per inspection and all your paying is $315 a month for 4 full time employees. Like DOM stated what if your 1 employee can’t cover then what? Can’t beat it if you ask me.

By the way mention NACHI sent you and save $75 off the $150 set up fee. Danny from ACC has approved this for all of us.

So did you have to get a new phone number?

Nope they give you a 1888 number and you forward your existing number to it. So someone dials my number 314 805 2137 it appears on their phone and they answer STL Home Inspection Services. Worked great when I tested it today under my friends number. Now since my personal phone was my business phone I will have to get a new number for my personal phone.

So you will have to get a new/separate number.

Well yes you do if your using home phone as your business phone like I have been. I don’t have a problem with that. Or you could simply send them a new number to use but then I would have to change all my marketing material plus people just know this number after all these years so I’m just getting a new home number for my cell.

Or even if your not. I have a lot of business calls that are not directly related to home inspections. So do they take messages and/or forward calls to you when they’re not for booking an inspection?

Also I’d have to contact all of the agents, banks, past client referrals, etc. to give them my new number, so they can contact me directly.